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Resource: ShamuTV: Penguins – Person To Penguin Connection
Corey Oxman shows how the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund is helping endangered African penguins affected by oil spills.
Resource: Your Language Makes a Difference
This article discusses the importance of modeling good language when talking with teens. In a desperate need for identity and to "be somebody," these teens selected the worst examples from movies and TV which often justify profanity as ordinary and reali…
Resource: Magical Thinking
Today many students believe they might make it even to enormous financial success just by luck, or by skill in sports, or by knowing the right people. It's a possibility promoted by contests on TV and in the news. So without incentives to focus attention…
Resource: Excessive TV Time
Last week's Journal reported studies that show excessive TV time for children may affect their brains. I think most parents already suspected that. The studies also showed that the overstimulated little TV addicts had an increased likelihood of attention…
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Item: Radical Behaviorism for ABA Practitioners
Radical Behaviorism for ABA Practitioners is primarily written for students planning careers delivering ABA services and for practicing applied behavior analysts who work in some capacity as clinicians, supervisors, or administrators. Throughout its …
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