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Behind the Schoolhouse Door:Managing Chaos With Science,Skills & Strategies
Behind the Schoolhouse Door: Managing Chaos With Science, Skills & StrategiesDr. Glenn I. Latham This new compilation of Behind the Schoolhouse Door, Management Not Discipline, and workshop studies includes findings from a 20-year study conducted in 253 randomly selected schools in all 50 states and 19 foreign countries. Dr. Latham describes 8 skills every teacher should have and offers clear examples and strategies for effective management of classroom chaos. While nearly all school Discipline Plans are punitive, this approach returns the true meaning of the word discipline to the teaching environment that will create an ideal atmosphere for learning and growth. Softcover. Publisher: P & T ink(435)

Coercion and Its Fallout - ePUB Format
Coercion and Its Fallout, Revised Edition By Murray Sidman Do you use Coercion? No? When you have finished this book, you are going to be very surprised; you are going to know some things about yourself that you never knew before. We use coercion almost exclusively to control each other; many find it hard to imagine any other way. The author asks, Does the death penalty deter potential murderers? Is harsh retaliation the answer to the discipline problem in our schools? Do the standard coercive practices work? - in law enforcement, behavior therapy, education, the family, business, the armed forces, diplomacy. Behavior analysis has shown that they do not work. Coercion is in the long run self-defeating. Punishment eventually proves counterproductive. Sidman presents a rational discussion of matters in which emotions usually run strong. He proposes that what we have learned in the laboratory can provide guides both for personal conduct and public policy.Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1-881317-17-3 Publish Date: 1989 EFormat: 2013 Publisher: Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Format: ePub or .mobi (Kindle) You will be asked which format is preferred upon fulfillment through email. Please make sure you submit a valid email address.

CSU/ABA Program Registration
11th Annual West Coast Conference on Autism & Related Disorders: Research-Based Solutions - SPECIAL California State University REGISTRATION AVAILABLE THROUGH APRIL 1st. Friday, April 27, 2018 Registration 7:30 am Presentations 8:30 am - 4:45 pm Sign out 4:45 pm  A one-day conference featuring leading experts in fields of Science, Special Education, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.   Registration Fees if not CSU Student/Faculty Registration Type Early Registration Until 4/1/2018 After 4/1/2018 & Onsite Student/Non-professional $75 $100 Professional $165 $200 Professional Group (5 or more) $125 * Continuing Education credits/units desired: $40 for Each Certificate requested. *Groups: For groups of 10 or more registering before March 31, 2018, we will offer a discount from early registration fees. Contact Rebekah Pavlik through or (978) 369-2227 Ext. 2. The Center will need all registration information prior to March 31, 2018. Of Benefit to: Behavior Analysts, Psychologists, Parents & Caregivers, Teachers, Special Education Providers, Speech Therapists, Nurses, LMFTs and LMHCs. Location: Santa Ynez Valley Marriott Hotel 555 McMurray Road Buellton, CA 93427 Hotel Reservations (800) 638-8882 Phone (805) 688-1000 Individuals should call-in reservations by calling Marriott central reservations at 888-236-2427 and asking for the Autism Conference for the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott. Continuing Education Opportunities: Psychology (Includes Licensed psychologists, school psychologists, and EdDs/educational psychologists; LCSWs, MFTs*) BACB®, Speech Therapists (ASHA), Nurses (CA Nursing Board), LMFTs & LMHCs (CA). An additional $40 fee is required for CE Certificates. Psychology CEs (TBD): Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC is a co-sponsor of this conference for Continuing Education Credits for Psychologists. Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC maintains responsibility for this program and its content. BACB® CEs (TBD): The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies is an approved Type 2 CE Provider by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB®) and is authorized to offer CE units for this conference.  *It is attendee's responsibility to check with their State and Professional organization to confirm all CE offerings. Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send a substitute. Written cancellations received on or before April 15, 2018 will be accepted, minus a $15 cancellation fee. Presented by the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™, Holdsambeck Behavioral Health, Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC and the University of West Florida, Office of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Head Strong: A Parenting Survival Kit for Reducing Tension and Building Self-Esteem
A breakthrough parenting approach to solving problematic behavior patterns by your child When it comes to raising productive and confident children, often times parents find themselves dealing with the same issues over and over; repetitive behaviors that challenge even the most dedicated and patient parents.  These head strong children may not intend to behave in a way that leaves their parents stressed and emotionally debilitated but when patterns of behavior are examined in the parent-child interaction, much can be understood as to the why and the how of changing it.  Head Strong takes a focused look at how the conditions that are likely to produce counterproductive and negative behaviors in a child may be replaced by alternative conditions that foster productive and positive behaviors. Author, Ted Ayllon, Ph.D., prescribes an approach rooted in his more than 30 years of research and working with children and their families.  Allyon outlines evidenced-based strategies for changing a parents relationship with their child including why consequences don’t seem to work, how to discourage problematic behavior and encourage positive behavior, why following instructions is a learned skill, and the power of praise. Head Strong provides real hope for exhausted parents who have tried everything they know and delivers specific guidelines to help a child choose to give up problematic behavior in a natural and positive way.

Ideas for Wimps by Howard Lees
This book is founded on the fact that from time to time we are all wimps. We will all have experience of walking away from a testing situation and regretting that we said nothing. We all have a desire to do the right thing every time but sometimes, something gets in the way. This book describes how to recognise that we have encountered a barrier and provides insight into how we can embark on a journey of improvement. Download a PDF Sample.

Learning, Fifth Edition
Learning, Interim (5th) Edition by A. Charles Catania Emphasizing research findings and basic concepts, the Interim (5th) Edition surveys the major areas in the psychology of learning from a consistent behavioral point of view. As in previous editions, Learning explores the continuities between human learning and the learning of other animals. The book organizes the phenomena of learning in a systematic way, moving from Behavior Without Learning (evolution) to Learning Without Words (basics in nonhuman behavior and learning) to Learning With Words (human learning and memory). The 5th Edition includes etymological notes at the beginning of each chapter. These capsule word histories are important reminders of how easily our language changes. The glossary summarizes the major terminology of the field and may povide a convenient organizer for study and review. 512 pages / paper / ISBN: 978-1-59738-023-2

Life's a PIC/NIC ...when you understand behavior
Written from the authors’ decades of experience, LIFE’S A PIC/NIC® …when you understand behavior shows how to bring out the best in people through the application of the optimistic science of behavior and its demonstrated truth about the unlimited potential of human beings. It introduces a decision-making method called the PIC/NIC® to help readers understand behavior and its causes. It is an example-rich account across varied challenges at home, work and the larger society about how to shape a better world, both conceptually and in practice. It describes how to go beyond the limiting biases of our particular histories to make better decisions about our own and others’ behavior. It lets the reader know that when you understand behavior, you are not captive of your past because you know how to shape a different future — that, in fact, human potential in almost all ways is unlimited.   Case studies illustrate how these principles, used in positive ways, can accelerate learning, adding significant value in all walks of life while at the same time providing ideas about reducing the use of threat, fear, and punishment in managing others. ISBN: 978-1-59738-080-5© 2017 / 124 pages / paper 

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Notes on Behavioural Management Techniques, 3rd edition by Howard Lees
This is the third edition of notes on Behavioural Management Techniques (BMT). This text is not supposed to be an exhaustive study on BMT, it is an introduction. However, if read multiple times it has the effect of cementing the basic premise that if we learn to observe what's going on around us we can have more influence over that happens. Download a PDF Sample.

Origins and Components of Behaviorology, 3rd Edition
Through this volume, the history of the emergence of behaviorology is available both for the first time (in 1992) and comprehensively. As current today as when originally written, this book is unique because it is also the only analyzed historical treatment of the emergence of the independent natural science of behavior written during the early years of that disciplinary emergence by participant-observes of that emergence. This book is thus persistently timely in both the uniqueness of the authors’ perspective and because it provides generations of readers with lessons about the origins and developments of natural sciences in general and of a natural science of behavior in particular. As a natural science discipline on the life science continuum, behaviorology is the science and technology of environment-behavior relation. First, it discovers the variables that are in “casual” relationships with the behavior of individuals during their lifetime. Then it designs and implements changes to these accessible variables bringing beneficial change and expansion to the individual’s behavior repertoire. This contingency engineering contributes to all human endeavors (e.g., child care, education, work, diplomacy, even science itself) and address vital questions: “Why does human behavior happen, and what can make it better?” This book reviews, in historical context, the incompatible paradigms and philosophies among disciplines addressing the behavior of individuals. In familiarizing the reader with the history of behaviorology’s emergence, and disciplinary components, this book also makes further comprehension and application of behaviorology’s science and technology easier and more effective and beneficial. (Adapted from the Preface of a 1992 preliminary version of this book....) Stephen F. Ledoux Ph.D. Earned his Ph.D. from Western Michigan University. While living in the USA, Australia, and China (PRC), he had taught graduate school. Since 1982 he has taught at the Stat University of New York in canton. With contributions by Lawrence E. Fraley, James O'Heare, & Glenn I. Latham Publisher: Distributed by Dogwise PublishingEdition: 2015 Hardback, 360 pages ISBN: 9781927744086Item: DTB1405Ships the next business day. 
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