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Living with Children:New Methods for Parents and Teachers
Living with Children: New Methods for Parents and Teachers by Gerald R. Patterson Living with Children is an easy-to-understand book that shows how children learn behavior and how they actually train adults to behave. It helps parents learn when, where, and how to respond to and change children's behavior. The techniques in the book work with all children including those who are aggressive or hyperactive. Discusses noncompliance, temper tantrums, bedwetting, and many more problems. Frequently used in parent training groups and family therapy sessions. Table of ContentsAcknowledgmentsIntroductionHow to Use This BookSection 1: How Parents and Children Learn Social Learning What Are Reinforces? How Can We Use Reinforcers? Social and Nonsocial Reinforcers Children Train Parents Accidental Training and DependencySection 2: Changing Undesirable Behavior How to Observe and Count Time Out: Punishment for Little People RetrainingSection 3: Normal Problems, Normal Children Noncompliance So Your Child Teases Toilet Training Three-Year-Olds Bed-Wetting: A Simple First Approach Temper Tantrums The Midnight Intruder Whining To Bed or Not to BedSection 4: Problem Children The Coercive Child The Child Who StealsReferences Published by Research PressISBN 0-878221-30-1 (1976) (paper) 132 p.

Managing the Classroom Environmentto Facilitate Effective InstructionDVD set
Managing the Classroom Environment to Facilitate Effective Instruction (6 DVD set)G. LathamA 20 minute film featuring a series of successful inner city schools which have managed to achieve superior results despite poverty and disadvantage. The schools use a radical curriculum called Direct Instruction.

Measure of a Leader
With American business facing a leadership crisis and top corporate executives being replaced at a rate of one per day, Aubrey Daniels and James Daniels introduce readers to a bold and proven new way to measure and pursue leadership, Measure of a Leader. Based on over 30 years of pioneering work with the world's leading organizations, Daniels and Daniels explain how anyone can increase their leadership impact by becoming a critical observer of human behavior. By demonstrating how to recognize and measure the effect of their actions on followers, the authors provide readers with valuable, scientifically-proven methods for increasing their leadership impact, including how to: Build leadership skills that leave a legacy Inspire others to go above and beyond the call of duty Create profitable habits and optimize performance at every level of an organization Measure of a Leader's solutions are rooted in Daniels' twelve measures, indicators that provide the best possible forecast of a leader's impact on the growth of the business, on the customers and the marketplace, and on his or her legacy. The measures are presented in four key categories: Momentum: Followers responding positively to the leader's direction Commitment: Followers focused on the leader's goals Initiative: Followers working together Reciprocity: Followers collectively working with the leader Measure of a Leader is an indispensable resource for any aspiring leader and a lasting solution to the leadership debacle threatening American business. Format: Hardcover Pages: 208 Author: Daniels, James E.,Daniels, Aubrey C. Publisher: Aubrey Daniels International Publish Date: 2007 ISBN-10: 0071482660 ISBN-13: 978-0071482660 Language: English

Miracle at Cuscaden ParkThe Story of “Strikeout Johnny”
Miracle at Cuscaden Park is a baseball book that helps build your child's self-confidence. Scientifically-derived principles of Behavioral Psychology are woven into a story about a boy, Strikeout Johnny, who learns to cope with performance anxiety, parental pressures, and criticism from his friends. The stunning, surprise ending shows Johnny that the true miracles in life come from healthy relationships, self-discipline and positive actions. For children ages 8 to 18, their teachers and parents. Soft Cover.47 pages.(No ISBN)

Organic Dysfunction SurveySchedules
Organic Dysfunction Survey Schedules by Joseph R. Cautela The field of behavioral medicine emphasizes a combined medical and behavioral approach to all organic dysfunctions. This approach assumes that both psychological and organic behaviors obey the same laws. One important aid to a behavioral analysis that can be helpful in assessing organic dysfunctions is the use of behavioral inventories. It is best to have specific inventories for a variety of organic dysfunctions. This manual includes specific survey schedules for 22 different organic dysfunctions. Whenever an organic dysfunction is targeted for behavior change, the specific survey schedule should be administered in addition to the usual behavioral inventory battery. Permission to copy forms included. ISBN 0-87822-223-5 (1990) 157 p.

Origins and Componentsof Behaviorology - Second Edition
Origins and Components of Behaviorology - Second Edition by Stephen F. Ledoux, Ph.D. A review of the history of this comprehensive natural science plus samples of its disciplinary components. Through this volume, the history of the emergence of behaviorology is available both for the first time and comprehensively. As current today as when originally written, this book is unique because it is also the only analyzed historical treatment of the emergence of an independent natural science of behavior written during the early years of that emergence by participantobservers of that emergence. ISBN 1-882508-08-4 (Hardcover) 358 p. Published by ABC's of Canton, NY, USA Note: A Study Guide for this book is also available.

Origins and Componentsof Behaviorology - Study Questions2nd Edition
Study Questions for Origins and Components of Behaviorology - 2nd EditionStephen Ledoux The book and study questions work together to achieve beneficial pedagogical aims. The book was designed to accompany either separate studies in the natural science of behavior, or integrated studies in related areas (e.g., applied science and technology of behavior, philosophy of science, applied behavior analysis, behavioral engineering). The study questions were designed to support this integration by covering topics in those areas as they arise in the book. These study questions were designed to increase the readers benefit from reading the Origins and Components of Behaviorology book by prompting and guiding the reader's learning. The study questions focus the reader's attention on many of the particular points that surround different topics which arise in the course of each paper or chapter in the book. And they bring to the reader's attention various general themes and trends that run through particular papers or chapters if not the whole book itself. ISBN 1-882508-09-2 (softcover) 84 p. Published by The ABC's of Canton, NY, USA

Other People's Habits
Other People's Habits by Aubrey C. DanielsNothing so needs reforming as other people's habits. - Mark Twain Taking Mr. Twain's wry observation to heart, Aubrey Daniels, the internationally renowned author, behavioral psychologist, and premier performance management expert, follows up his classic best-seller, Bringing Out the Best in People, with an invaluable guide guaranteed to optimize each and every one of our relationships - both at home and at work. This science-based guide introduces us to a powerful technique with which to honestly and beneficially influence those around us - and maximize our own happiness and personal productivity. Whether at home, at work, or at play, Other People's Habits explains exactly how to: design and define day-to-day reinforcers that really work establish effective relationships based on mutual respect and shared expectations set fair performance management standards with peers and loved ones - and implement and maintain them without stress and heartache keep the lines of communication open so friends, family, and coworkers always know exactly what is expected of them and when they've achieved it implement the invaluable Do's and Don'ts of Delivering Reinforcement and customize them for different relationships and situations take charge of your life once and for all! Format: Paperback Publisher: Aubrey Daniels International ISBN-10: 0937100145 Language: English

Parenting Prescriptions Set of 2 Audio Tapes
Parenting Prescriptions, Set of 2 Audio Tapes by Glenn I. Latham Everyday parenting challenges can be made easier when you draw upon Dr. Latham's years of research and his understanding of human behaviors. In this two audio cassette tape set, Dr. Latham addresses four of the most compelling concerns of parents: Eliminating Tantrums, Refusing To Do As Told, Sibling Rivalry, and Living with Teenagers. If used correctly, this can be a powerful parenting tool. Glenn Latham published many, wonderfully helpful books which are listed throughout the CCBS web store. The Power of Positive Parenting is one of them and is found on the next store page. Published by P & T ink(435) Set of 2 Audio Tapes

Parenting With Love
Parenting With Love by Dr. Glenn Latham The principles of good behavior clearly explained and applied to the home setting. Learn skills which create a more peaceful, cooperative environment. This is the positive parenting guide you can carry to the office, on a trip, or in the car. It covers the essential principles, strategies, and examples in an easy-reading style. Review the four principles of positive parenting. Explore a fresh perspective on the strategies and skills for dealing with misbehavior and encouraging good behavior. (softcover book, 180 pages, $9.95)
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