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2017 Annual Meeting of the Trustees - In Person or via Webcast
General Schedule & Locations of CCBS Events during ABAI Document links (Annual Meeting documents) A big change this year! We are moving our Annual Meeting of the Trustees to May 2017 to accommodate your busy travel schedules. We will be holding our event on the day following the 43rd ABAI Convention in Denver, Colorado, on Tuesday, May 30th. The meeting will be held between 8:00 am and 12:00 noon (MDT) at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver Downtown Convention Center. (Room: Cripple Creek 2)  Continental breakfast will be provided. The $50. registration fee covers the cost of the room and breakfast. (Please consider sponsoring one of our exceptional graduate students by selecting "Attendee and Student Sponsor" from "Registration Type" above.) You may also attend through our webcast.  (Choose WEBCAST ATTENDEE from "Registration Type" above.)  For those of you attending the ABAI Convention, it is a short walk from either the Denver Convention Center of one of the hotels contracted for those attending the ABAI Convention. Get Map. Area Hotels with ABAI Convention Attendee Discounts: Hyatt Regency Denver 650 15th St., Denver, CO 80202 Telephone: 888-421-1442 Hyatt Regency Denver Reservations The Hyatt Regency Denver is sold out May 26, 27, and 28 for special ABAI Convention rates. Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel 1550 Court PlaceDenver, CO 80202elephone: 303-893-3333 Sheraton Denver Reservations Grand Hyatt Denver 1750 Welton StreetDenver, CO 80202Telephone: 303-295-1234 Grand Hyatt Denver Reservations Hyatt Place Denver Downtown 440 14th StreetDenver, CO 80202Telephone: 303-893-2900 Hyatt Place Denver Downtown Reservations (cut-off: May 2, 2017) Embassy Suites Denver Downtown 1420 Stout StreetDenver, CO 80202Telephone: 303-592-1000 Embassy Suites Denver Downtown Reservations, group code: ABA (cut-off: May 4, 2017)

5th Annual ETHICS in Professional Practice Conference
Endicott College Campus, Beverly, Massachusetts, Rose Performance Hall, Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts A one day conference featuring leaders in the fields of Psychology, Business, Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis. Friday, August 4, 2017 - 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Presenters: Jon S. Bailey, PhD, BCBA-D, Professor  Emeritus, Florida State University     "Some Remaining Questions and Common Misconceptions About our Code of Ethics" Susan Ainsleigh, EdD, BCBA-D, Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Programs in Applied Behavior Analysis, Bay Path University      "Providing Effective and Ethical Supervision" Darlene Crone-Todd, PhD, BCBA-D, Professor, Psychology, Salem State University      "Behavior Analysis and Ethics: Contingencies, Rule-Governed, and Contingency-Shaped Behavior" Mary Jane Weiss, PhD, BCBA-D, Professor, Institute for Behavioral Studies, Van Loan School at Endicott College       "Ethical Issues in Collaboration: Staying Evidence-Based While Working with Other Disciplines" Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, LCP, BCBA-D, Executive Director, Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™ and Founder, Holdsambeck Behavioral Health       "Ethics and Autism: Seven Deadly Sins and Fifty Shades of Grey" Plus an Interactive Panel Discussion Directions & Campus Map/Parking Registration Fees Registration Type Early Registration Ends 7/20/17* Onsite & After 7/20/17 Student/Non-professional $75 $100 Professional $165 $200 Professional Group (5 or more) $125 n/a Continuing Education credits/units desired: $40 for Each Certificate requested. Groups: For groups of 20 or more registering, we will offer a discount from early registration fees. All groups need to complete a Group Registration Form.  Contact Rebekah Pavlik through or (978) 369-2227 Ext. 2.  Continuing Education Opportunities: Psychology (Includes Licensed psychologists, school psychologists, and EdDs/educational psychologists) and BACB® CEs. An additional $40 fee is required for continuing education. Psychology CEs (TBD*): Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC is a co-sponsor of this conference for Continuing Education Credits for Psychologists. Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC maintains responsibility for this program and its content. *Attendees must be present during the entire conference. BACB® CEs (TBD): The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies is an approved Type 2 CE Provider by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB®) and is authorized to offer CE units for this conference. Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to attend, you are welcome to send a substitute. Written cancellations received on or before July 15, 2017 will be accepted, minus a $15 cancellation fee. Presented by: Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™in cooperation with The Institute for Behavioral Studies, Van Loan School at Endicott College Special thanks to Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC and the University of West Florida, Office of Applied Behavior Analysis for expanding our continuing education offerings.

Sale - 50% reduction!Amorous Turkeys and AddictedDucklings
Amorous Turkeys and Addicted Ducklingsby Howard S. Hoffman Hoffman narrates to us the high points of 15 years of experimental and theoretical investigation of the primary social bond. How do ducklings, chicks, monkeys, and our own little babies form their very first attachments? Why is it important for us to know this? In telling the story of his long devotion to students, laboratory subjects, and data, he brings out aspects of science that are rarely spoken of. He makes the doing of research come alive, sharing with us the fun and frustrations of the laboratory, the pride of accomplishment, the fear of error, the personal friendships, and the personality clashes. He presents his own theoretical positions strongly but treats differing viewpoints with respect. All in all, Hoffman's account shows the scientific life to be a good life, and he himself emerges as an excellent model. ISBN 0-9623311-7-1 (1996) 194 p. (paper)Published by Authors Cooperative, Inc.

NEW Title! The Eden Conspiracy: Educating for Accomplished Citizenship
The Eden Conspiracy is a unique book with at least four different audiences: policy makers and politicians seeking to dramatically improve the cost-effectiveness of education; educators who want to develop school programs that accelerate students’ progression from school to lifetime success; community stakeholders, including parents, business people, and civic leaders, who want their schools to better address the needs of their communities; and educational reformers who are ready for a sustainable approach that anchors educational programs in the ongoing needs of the communities they serve. Author, Joe Harless, thought leader and master practitioner in the field of organizational performance improvement and learning, brings thirty years of pioneering experience to the challenge of improving our schools. His Accomplishment-Based Curriculum Development approach represents a paradigm shift from organizing curriculum by categories of subject matter to designing curriculum to enable students to achieve specific accomplishments needed for successful personal life and top-paying employment. He advocates a “conspiracy” among all the stakeholders in a community and the school system to define what their educational programs need to produce. This new edition includes a summary of what has occurred since the first printing in 1998: a showcase program in Coweta County, Georgia, replicated in 36 other locations, exported to other nations, and enabling students to achieve nearly twice the average salary range for American workers upon graduation while drawing tens of millions of dollars of investment to communities where schools prepare their students for 21st century jobs and 21st century citizenship. Paperbound, 272 pages ISBN: 978-1-881317-18-0

A Picture's Worth : PECS and Other Visual Communication Strategies in Autism- Second Edition 2011
p>Most young children with autism have significant delays in acquiring communication skills, a hallmark characteristic of autism. But with intensive early intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis techniques, children can be taught how to communicate successfully, even before they acquire the ability to use speech. A Picture's Worth examines the value of non-verbal communication strategies for children with autism, and presents the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) in detail. PECS is a communication system that allows a child to use a picture (or series of pictures) to express his needs and desires without a prompt or cue from another person. Authors Bondy and Frost co-developed PECS during many years of experience working with children with autism, and now share their expertise in this easy-to-understand guide for parents.After a thorough review of verbal communication development, A Picture's Worth explains how autism affects the acquisition and progression of those skills. Without the ability to express themselves, children with autism experience a high level of frustration, which is the root cause of many undesirable behaviors. The book explores the relationship between behavior and communication, teaching parents how to recognize patterns in their own child's behavior and when to begin a visual communication program such as PECS.The authors recommend that parents teach PECS in a succession of six phases. Each phase builds on the previous one, until a child is capable of constructing sentences with pictures to make requests and comments about his surroundings. The book provides many real-life case studies, along with a series of lessons, from beginning to more advanced PECS techniques.There is no minimum age or cognitive level required for a child to begin learning PECS. While PECS is frequently used with children who are non-verbal, it has been used effectively with kids who speak, but do not initiate communication. And contrary to many parents concerns, PECS does not inhibit a child's ability to acquire and use speech. A Picture's Worth promises the opportunity for most children with autism to acquire meaningful and effective communication skills.About the authors: Andy Bondy, Ph.D. has over 30 years experience working with children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Lori A. Frost, M.S., CCC/SLP is a certified speech-language pathologist with extensive experience helping children with limited speech and challenging behavior. Dr. Bondy and Ms. Frost are co-developers of the Picture Exchange Communication System and co-founders of Pyramid Educational Consultants. Format: Paperback Pages: 150 Author: Bondy, Andy,Frost, Lori Publisher: Woodbine House

Actively Caring for People
This new book by Dr. E. Scott Geller and coleagues provides an inspiring example of how theory and practice can come together to change lives. Under his leadership the Actively Caring for People Movement has the potential to benefit the lives of millions of individals and groups. This book provides the research-based principles and real-life stories that will help to advance the Actively Caring for People Movement.

Annual Campaign for Autism
Sponsorship Each year the Cambridge Center’s Changing Lives through Education, One Community at a Time Annual Drive for Autism seeks a few select sponsors.  Sponsors are critical to continuing to provide scholarship opportunities and lowered tuition costs for those seeking to gain information that will help improve the lives of those with- Autism in our local community.*  Main Event Sponsors ~ $5,000 Main event sponsors will be listed as such in all advertising and promotional material.  Special recognition of the event sponsors will be made during the annual conference.  A special Plaque from the Cambridge Center honoring the contribution will be awarded.   In addition 10 named full-tuition scholarships will be provided to individuals selected by main sponsors or their designee. (If none are selected those scholarships will be given awarded on a first-come first-served basis, adjusted for need).  Main event sponsors will be listed as such on the web site of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. Student Research Sponsor ~ $600 Each year the Cambridge Center seeks to prompt and reward promising student research in Autism.  A special poster session is held at the conclusion of the annual conference which allows local and national colleges and Universities the opportunity to display their research.  Nationally recognized leaders in research are on hand to offer critiques, support, and guide future projects.  This year’s group of reviewers includes Gregory Hanley, PhD, BCBA-D, Professor of Psychology & Director of the Behavior Analysis Doctoral Program,Western New England University and Professor of Psychiatry,University of Massachusetts Medical School; Mary Jane Weiss, PhD, BCBA-D, Executive Director of Research, Melmark and  Professor, Institute for Behavioral Studies, Van Loan School at Endicott College; Mitchell Fryling, PhD, BCBA-D, Assistant Professor, California State University, Los Angeles; Thomas Zane, PhD, BCBA-D, Professor of Education and Director of Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis Programs, Institute for Behavioral Studies, Van Loan School at Endicott College; and Peter F. Gerhardt, EdD, Executive Director, The EPIC School, President, Peter Gerhardt Associates, LLC, and Past President, Organization for Autism Research with Introductory Remarks by Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, LCP, BCBA-D, Executive Director, Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™ and  Founder, Holdsambeck and Associates with Amanda Paige Laprime, PhD, BCBA-D, Assistant to the Executive Director, Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™ and Center for Children with Special Needs, Northeastern University. Student Research Sponsors will receive special recognition at the main conference and at the student research display area and will be provided a table for presentation during the poster session.  In addition, they will be listed in all promotional material developed for the conference. In addition 4 named full tuition scholarships will be awarded to individuals selected by the Student research Sponsor or their designee.  Student research event sponsors will also be listed on the web site for the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™. Affiliate Sponsor~ $50 Organizations who apply for affiliate sponsor will be listed in the program brochure.  In addition special recognition of their organization will be made on the Cambridge Center web site. If you would like to donate another amount, restricted to the Autism Campaign or as a general donation, please visit our Donation page. Read more about the Annual Campaign for Autism.  Please complete the Sponsorship Application and fax to (978) 369-8584 or email    *The Cambridge Center reserves the right to deny sponsorship to anyone who may seek to influence the content of the conferences or related material.  

Applying Behavioral Analysis Across the Autism Spectrum - 2nd Edition
Applying Behavior Analysis Across the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition is appropriate for use in training programs designed to prepare personnel for working with children with autism, and which conform to the BACB's Guidelines in terms of course coverage and the required hours of field experience for graduate and undergraduate certification. In this second edition, Beth Sulzer-Azaroff is joined by co-authors Kathleen Dyer, Susan Dupont, and Dianne Soucy, who have added rich programmed applications from their actual practice settings. Each unit begins with a running narrative that provides a human-interest context for learning and practicing a set of basic instructional pre-programmed packages for students to master during their initial introduction to practice in the field. The narrative is then is followed by a set of well-structured materials to guide and support students as they more independently design and functionally analyze the impact of individually tailored programs With Applying Behavior Analysis Across the Autism Spectrum, first-time practitioners will gain experience in applying their previously acquired conceptual knowledge, thereby increasing their competence.

Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change, Third Edition
Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change Third Edition G. Roy Mayer, Beth Sulzer-Azaroff, and Michele Wallace 800 pages / cloth ISBN: 978-1-59738-050-8 Sloan Publishing is proud to announce the publication of Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change by G. Roy Mayer, Beth Sulzer-Azaroff, and Michele Wallace, Third Edition. This comprehensive introduction to the field of behavior analysis has been completely updated and references thousands of scientifically-supported constructive solutions within hundreds of areas of human performance. (Link to Table 1.2 "A Sample List of Current Roles and Functions of ABA Program Participants") Features: Written by a team of authors who are experienced, accomplished, and well-respected as scientists, scholars, consultants and teachers in the ABA field. Includes the BACB Task List and prepares the reader for the BCBA exam. The text covers essentially all current concepts and readies the reader for supervised field application Provides adjuncts to accompany and support readers' mastery of the material in the text, including: An instructor's guide with numerous multiple choice and essay exam items for each chapter A student study guide Field activities An extensive glossary A Web-site containing: written supplementary illustrations and examples video illustrations a discussion board

Behavior Theory in Practice, Parts 1 & 2 (DVD)
Behavior Theory in Practice, Parts 1 & 2Video by Ellen P. Reese (1965) Behavior Theory in Practice is a set of four color videos (Parts I-IV), each part approximately 21 minutes in length. Each individual Part presents basic behavior principles in the laboratory and examples of the presence and use of those principles in a variety of everyday settings with a variety of species. These were professionally produced in 1965 by Charter Oak Studios in New York, and were written and directed by Dr. Ellen Reese at Mt. Holyoke College, Massachusetts. The narration is simple, elegant, and surprisingly comprehensive. Although the film was made in 1965 the dress of the participants or other features of the material is not at all detracting, The quality of the video is excellent and the content exceptionally instructive. There are no comparable videos available. Titles of the four tapes are: Part I: Respondent and Operant Behavior; Part II: Shaping Various Operants in Various Species; Part III: Generalization; Discrimination and Motivation; Part IV: Sequences of Behavior. This video contains Part I (Respondent and Operant Behavior) and Part II (Shaping Various Operants in Various Species). (video, 43 minutes)For home use only.
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