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Congratulations to Marathon Petroleum, LP, Ohio Refining Division

In October 2016, Marathon Petroleum, LP, Ohio Refining Division (ORD) earned re-accreditation by the CCBS Commission on Accreditation – Behavior-Based Safety at the GOLD level. ORD first earned CCBS Accreditation of its behavioral safety process (Safely Working Ohio Refining Division aka SWORD) in December 2012, and has sustained that process while personnel changes occurred in the refinery leadership and BBS team membership. (See Application and Site Visit Report.)

CommissionersDrs. Mark Alavosius and Sigurdur “Siggi” Sigurdsson conducted the site visit. “During our three days with the ORD team, Dr. Sigurdsson and I were impressed with the sustained operation of the SWORD team and results you all have achieved,” noted Dr. Alavosius. “Earning gold accreditation is a significant accomplishment and puts this site among the best behavior-based safety programs in the refining industry.  All on the ORD team are safer as a result of the SWORD efforts.”

ORD is located in Canton, Ohio and has been in operation since 1930. The plant occupies approximately 180 acres. The bulk of work is performed outside during all seasons. The ORD refinery is divided up into distinct work areas; maintenance, operations, product movement, laboratory, utilities and supervision. Approximately 700 employees work at this refinery (many more during ‘turnarounds’).  The workforce includes Marathon personnel and many contractors. 

The SWORD process is maintained and overseen by a committee of 15 employees. Nancy Miller, BBS Coordinator, is the one full-time staff person whose efforts are 100% dedicated to SWORD. All Marathon personnel who work on the site are trained in SWORD and may conduct observations. Most contractors engage with the BBS process and are trained by their safety professionals to use the SWORD system. At the time of the site visit approximately 60 trained observers were actively completing observations. Contractors are engaged with SWORD and a number of their safety professionals meet weekly with the SWORD coordinator to align BBS efforts.

The 3-day site visit with CCBS Commissioners confirmed the data and information reported by the SWORD team in their application for reaccreditation. The site review included CCBS Commissioners review of documentation, data, reports, interviews of key SWORD and refinery personnel, and direct observation of SWORD observations and communications. This assessment included approximately 12 hours of Commissioner direct observation of SWORD procedures by Marathon personnel and contractors within the refinery operations.

The site review indicated that SWORD is an effective, well-managed, active, and highly visible behavioral safety process that receives high levels of support from the refinery leadership team, supervisory personnel and operators.  Drs. Alavosius and Sigurdsson observed no resistance to the observation process and noted positive interactions among all personnel regarding SWORD.