The Current Repertoire
Spring 2016
Volume 32, Number 1
From the Executive Director

We have lots of positive news about our progress and advancing our mission through our conferences, publications, collaborations, continuing education offerings, student outreach, and our website. The Center could not accomplish this without the support and dedication from our Board, Trustees, Advisors and friends who volunteer, helping to disseminate the science’s evidence-based behavioral solutions.   
You can help the Center through donating, attending our conferences, purchasing our publications and sharing our news.

We’re excited about all of our happenings.
You're invited to stop by our reunion during the upcoming ABAI Convention in Chicago.  We are hosting with The Chicago School and B.F. Skinner Foundation. Join us on Monday, May 30th, 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm. #365 Reunion in the ABAI Program. Location: Vevey 3, Swissotel. 

See you in Chicago!
Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, LCP, BCBA-D
Executive Director
Our Recent Conference
On April 29th, we held our 9th Annual Conference on Autism and Related Disorders on the West Coast. It was an outstanding event with over 220 attendees. This year, our East Coast presenters, Drs. Thomas Zane and Mary Jane Weiss from Endicott College, joined us, along with newcomers Drs. Gregory Hanley* (* to link to podcast info below), Mitch Fryling and Amanda Kelly. And Dr. Amanda Laprime provided overall support and presented opening remarks together with Dr. Rob Holdsambeck. Beyond being terrific educational outreach to local ABA practitioners, educators, parents and caregivers, we enjoyed the local flavors of the Santa Ynez Valley. (See more photos on the Center's Facebook page.) 
Autism Conference
We were fortunate to have garnered local support and donations for our Silent Wine Auction through the efforts of Sharon Blewis of the Brewer-Clifton Winery together with those of the Holdsambeck team in California.  
Drs. William Heward, Robert Horner and Tris Smith, among others, will be Keynote Speakers for next year’s 10th Conference to be held on Friday, April 28, 2017.  Enjoy the Valley for the weekend! 
10th Annual Conference
Our Next Conference - Ethics in Professional Practice
Come to Cape Ann in August!  It’s a busy time on the north shore of Massachusetts in August, so make your hotel reservation today. 
Our friends at the The Institute for Behavioral Studies, Van Loan School at Endicott College are again hosting our 4th Annual ETHICS in Professional Practice Conference on their campus located on the coast in Beverly, MA on Friday, August 5th
Drs. Aubrey Daniels, Michael Dorsey, Peter Gerhardt and Amanda Karsten will be presenting with Lorri Unumb of Autism Speaks this year. An interactive panel with representation from local universities, colleges and organizations is also planned. Registration is now open.

ETHICS Conference 2016
2016 Annual Meeting of the Trustees
Our 2016 Annual Meeting of the Trustees will again be hosted by Dr. Aubrey Daniels International in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia.

Beyond our review of the past year and planning for the next, we have presentations by Drs. J.E.R. Staddon and James Carr. Also, Dr. Carl Binder will be updating us on The Eden Consipiracy publication (see below).

Plan to join us on November 11-12 in Atlanta!  We have limited rooms at a reduced cost.  Find the hotel reservation link on our Events listing.
New Publication - Volume II!
Volume II of Behavioral Science: Tales of Inspiration, Discovery, and Service is now out! Copies are available through the CCBS Store and will be for sale at the ABAI Convention Bookstore in Chicago. Following the first publication, we asked each of the five new contributors to prepare a response to the question:  Why and how did you come to this field? We asked them to tell their first person accounts in a way that would give the reader not only a sense of who they are but also how they applied the science to their unique area. We selected contributors who represent different areas of our science to give the reader a peek into how it was applied to different challenges. We imposed no stylistic guidelines, believing that authors would reveal much about themselves by the manner in which they chose to comply with our request. The resulting contributions from Drs. Bill Heward, Dwight Harshbarger, T.V. Joe Layng, Julie Smith and John Staddon are as varied as the individuals themselves. 
Volume II Behavioral Science: Tales of Inspiration, Discovery, and Service
Behavior & Philosophy Volume 43 &
Plans for E-Publication

Volume 43 (2016) has been published online. 

Join Erik Arntzen, Editor, on the Behavior & Philosophy Facebook page. 

E-Publication in the Works

Drs. Philip Hineline and T.V. Joe Layng are guiding a project to transfer our Behavior & Philosophy and BEHAVIORISM journal articles to eBook formats for wider distribution opportunities.  

BEHAVIORISM, the journal, was founded in 1972 by Willard Day, a remarkable clinician/philosopher who nurtured a series of often ground-breaking essays that raised the visibility of contemporary behavioral thinking within the broader intellectual community. These comprised the first 13 years of the journal, which he handed over to the Center in 1984. In 1990 the journal was re-titled Behavior & Philosophy, and it has continued to the present day under a succession of capable editors.

Thanks to the volunteer effort of the group for their collaboration to Bx Plusbring the journals into this new eBook format. They are currently transferring articles and experimenting with various ways of organizing the volumes and tables of contents. Since February 2013, Bx Plus aims to create a collaborative environment where students of behavior analysis are exposed to and pursue behavior analytic literature, philosophy and research. For more information about their group, visit or email

Drs. Andy Bondy, Phil Hineline, Kent Johnson, TV Joe Layng, Jack Marr and Hank Pennypacker generously donated to support this project. 
Behavioral News of Interest from Other Organizations

Greg Hanley pic
The B.F. Skinner Foundation
Operants newsletter

Dr. Gregory Hanley Featured in Podcast

In the first episode of the Behavioral Observations Podcast, Matt Cicoria chats with Greg Hanley from Western New England University. “We find out about how being a terrible painter and having poor grades set Greg off on a path to being a prolific contributor to our field. In all seriousness, Greg talks about the development of the Interview Informed Synthesized Contingency Analysis (IISCA) procedure, and patiently walks Matt through how to set up and conduct this type of assessment.”
This podcast is sponsored by our friends at Behavioral Science in the 21st Century.

Scientific American
Positive Reinforcement Helps Surgeons Learn Teaching physicians implement dog-training techniques to impart complex surgical skills
PM eZine - The Performance Management Magazine
Why Keep an Ethics Log? by Dr. Darnell Lattal                                                                                                             
News from – Dr. Timothy Ludwig’s Safety Blog
Are there Gaps in your Safety System?
News from The Art & Science of Animal Training
Bob Bailey and Marian Breland Bailey receive the 2016 Edward L. Anderson Jr. Award
Preparing for the Future Help Center
Preparing for the Future
Trustee Darrel Bostow will be sharing his new website, Preparing for the Future, as a new Help Center on  

"Are you concerned about current world events and how they relate to you personally? Are you interested in a scientific perspective rather than the confusing things you see in the media? If you had a clearer idea of what is happening would you take decisive action in your personal daily life? If yes, read on because that is the objective of this site."  

The Help Center should be live on shortly.
HABA 2016
HABA logo
The Cambridge Center will be well-represented at HABA 2016, the 12th Annual Convention of the Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis, to be held on September 2 & 3 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Presenters include CCBS Trustees and Advisors: Drs. William Heward, Janet Twyman, Andy Bondy, Darlene Crone-Todd and Rob Holdsambeck.    
Dr. Joe Harless' The Eden Conspiracy
The Eden Conspiracy
Dr. Joe Harless was one of Dr. Carl Binder’s main mentors in the performance improvement world. Thanks to Carl and Dr. Harless’ widow, Carol Harless, the Center will be republishing The Eden Conspiracy, a visionary book by Dr. Joe Harless about designing educational curriculum anchored in the accomplishments students should be able to achieve professionally and as citizens, rather than being built around bodies of knowledge or subject matter. Read more online at
Join us at the ABAI Reunion
If you will be attending the ABAI Convention at the end of the month, it would be great to see you at our reunion, hosted with The Chicago School and B.F. Skinner Foundation. 

# 365 Reunion
Monday, May 30, 2016: 9:00 PM–11:00 PM. Location: Vevey 3, Swissotel
Find this and other Reunions in the ABAI Program Online.
Behavioral Safety Now 2016
BSN 2016
Trustee Dr. Terry McSween, with his team from Quality Safety Edge, is again hosting Behavioral Safety Now (BSN) to be held October 11-13, 2016 in Jacksonville, Florida. Now in its 22nd year, the Conference is the premier venue for collecting cutting-edge ideas and strategies for using behavioral technology to achieve safety goals. BSN includes an educational program for all levels of management, safety professionals and employee teams who are interested in learning about the behavioral safety approach.
Trustee Dr. Aubrey Daniels will be presenting a general session and our Commission on Accreditation–Behavior-Based Safety will be represented by Trustees Dr. Mark Alavosius, Chair, and Dr. Timothy Ludwig, Commission Member, during a workshop. Trustee Chuck Pettinger will also be holding a workshop.  Proceeds benefit the Center.  Early Bird registration ends May 30th.

Trustee Listing

Behavioral Safety Now 2016
Over 55 convenient low-cost online continuing education course series offered exclusively through the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies™ and the Office of ABA, University of West Florida.