The Current Repertoire
Spring/Summer 2015
Volume 31, Number 2
From the Executive Director

Since our last newsletter, the Center has been running at full speed with the volunteer guidance and work of board members, trustees, advisors, and students along with the work of teams from collaborations with affiliate organizations and universities. I am very grateful for their support. 

We officially began selling "Behavioral Science: Tales of Inspiration, Discovery, and Service” at the 8th Annual West Coast Conference and had a more formal launch at the 2015 ABAI Convention.  We sold out of our allotment at ABAI and, to date, have over 200 copies in circulation. Through the guidance of my assistant, Advisor Amanda Laprime, our students, and the dedicated University of West Florida (UWF) team, we have developed companion online continuing education modules for the book. They are also working on ancillary materials to support the publication for use in graduate courses in ABA.  If you are, or somone you know is, considering adding this book to your ABA or related course, please connect with us for details.

I am pleased to report that the Board of Trustees recently elected Trustee Darnell Lattal to the Board of Directors.  Please join me in welcoming her to this energetic team.  Our Exceptional Student Group has new and returning students helping the Center with many initiatives we wouldn’t otherwise be able to accomplish without them.  Special thanks are in order for Josh Pritchard and Amanda Laprime for making the meeting at ABAI run so smoothly. 

In August, the Center and The Institute for Behavioral Studies, Van Loan School at Endicott College, is holding the 3rd Annual Ethics in Professional Practice Conference in Beverly, MA, and in October, Behavioral Safety Now, in its 21st year, takes place in Reno, NV, thanks to Trustee Terry McSween.  In April, we will host the 9th Annual West Coast Conference on Autism.  Please help us spread the word and join us if you can.  

Presentations from our conferences continue to be recorded and transformed into continuing education modules through our collaboration with UWF.  We have 40 course modules plus the 18 modules corresponding to the chapters of our new book.  Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Leasha Barry and her team at UWF for making this happen.  Not only is this a good source of revenue for the center but it also helps us meet our mission: sharing our science with others.

Our Commission on Accreditation – Behavioral Safety has recently accredited Marathon Petroleum Company, Texas Refining Division (TRD) and is accepting new applications and coordinating site visits in the coming months, including two re-accreditations and a new mine site in Montana. continues to be improved.  Behavior in Organizations has been updated by Trustee Ramona Houmanfar and Alison Szarko.

And, please make your plans now to attend next year’s annual meeting to be held November 13-14 in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA.  We recently received word that long time CCBS supporter and ABA superstar, Dr. Beth Sulzer-Azaroff is hoping to attend. Drs. Darnell Lattal, Julie Smith and Janet Twyman are helping us organize a symposium celebrating our “Women in Leadership.”  
New Publication Launched
"Behavioral Science: Tales of Inspiration, Discovery, and Service," our latest publication, sold out at the 2015 ABAI Convention in Texas in May. 

Andy Bondy, Abigail Calkin, Aubrey Daniels, Rob Holdsambeck, Kent Johnson, Dick Malott, Francis Mechner, Hank Pennypacker, and Tristram Smith were available and in demand at the book signing. (See photos)

Thanks to the Amanda Laprime, our Exceptional Students, and the UWF team, companion courses for individual chapters are available to earn BACB® CEs online.

Read Preface - And check out the artwork by Advisor Dr. Amanda Kelly (aka BehaviorBabe)
Author Thoughts

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Welcome New Director, Dr. Darnell Lattal
Darnell Lattal
Alice Darnell Lattal, PhD, Executive Director of the Aubrey Daniels Institute, has been elected to our Board of Directors.  Darnell has served as a Trustee of the Center for many years and we look forward to her guidance in this new capacity.  Read about Darnell and our Directors on Our Leadership – Who We Are online at
Marathon Petroleum Company, Texas Refining Division Accredited
Accreditation Logo
The Behavioral Safety Commission on Accreditation unanimously approved accreditation of The Marathon Petroleum Company, Texas Refining Division (TRD) in December 2014 after a site visit and recommendations made by Commissioners Sigurdur Sigurdssson and Don Kernan.

The TRD is an oil refinery that employs 280 and has an additional 225 contractors on site. In 1997, TRD implemented their behavior-based safety program, Marathon Employee Safety Awareness (MESA), a 22-person committee comprised of Marathon employees and contractor representatives.  Their full application and site visit report is available for review.  Congratulations to Marathon TRD for achieving accreditation and to the Commissioners for working diligently, growing this effective and successful program instituted under the direction of past Executive Director, Dwight Harshbarger in 2002.
Exceptional Students
We welcome new and returning students to our Exceptional Student program, now in its third year.  Under the leadership of CCBS Advisors Josh Pritchard and Amanda Laprime, students are currently working on the following volunteer projects for the Center:
  • Wikipedia – Michelle Nelson, Katie Kavanaugh, and Paul Mahoney are assisting Amanda Laprime with the development of a page that outlines the history and current activities of the Center
  • CE Development – Ashley Williams, Hannah Greenwood, Josephine Southwick, Sorah Stein, Sean Field, and Thomas Ratkos, working with Amanda Laprime, are developing ancillary materials to support the new Center publication for use in graduate courses in ABA
  • Historical interactive timeline of educational practices – Katie Kavanaugh, Sorah Stein and Trustee Janet Twyman are researching facilities, publications, and tools/curricula engaged in this arena and are placing them on an online timeline
  • Behavior & Philosophy Archive/Database – Sean Field is coordinating archiving articles from 1972 with Katie Kavanaugh, Ashley Williams, Josephine Southwick and Advisor Erin Paulsen. Directors Philip Hineline and Joseph Morrow will work to vet articles for use in our continuing education series and are also considering printing books that contain several years of the journal to make available for select University libraries or collectors
  • Ongoing Assistance – All are helping with the promotion of CCBS events, publications, social media, and news along with much appreciated proofing of materials leaving the Center by Sorah Stein
Behavior in Organizations Help Center Updated
Behavior in Organizations
Trustee Ramona Houmanfar, Editor, and student Alison Szarko, Associate Editor, University of Nevada, Reno, have updated the Behavior in Organizations help center on, following the more user-friendly style developed and donated by Trustee Mary Burch for the Animal Behavior help center.

This section describes the subdisciplines of Organization Behavior Management (OBM), Performance Management (PM) and Behavioral Systems Analysis (BSA) and provides links to additional materials both on and other websites. A comprehensive list of schools offering advanced training related to OBM was also added.
Remembering Donald Pumroy
Donald Pumroy and Judy Blumenthal
A little over a year ago, Cambridge Center supporter and friend, Donald K. Pumroy, PhD, ABPP (CL), passed away at his home in Hyattsville, MD.  His longtime companion, Dr. Judy Blumenthal, also a supporter and friend of the Center, together with Trustees Dr. W. Joseph Wyatt and Dr. Roger W. McIntire memorialized Don’s contributions to behavior analysis recently during the 2015 ABAI Annual Convention in Texas.  Read about Don’s life and find a link to the memorial presentation through “An Inspirational Life” online at
News of Interest from Other Organizations

Timothy Ludwig

Aubrey Daniels Institute
The B.F. Skinner Foundation
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A free resource from Dr. Tim Ludwig with the goal of sharing the concepts and quirks involved to building a safety culture that protects and teaches.  Some stories are serious, some tales are ticklish, but all are there for you and your team.

His latest blog: Labeling is Easy: Dig Deeper to Change Behavior

The Paideia School: Educational Excellence

Dr. Darnell Lattal writes about a visit to Dr. Francis Mechner's Queens Paideia School.  The Aubrey Daniels Institute brings the best practitioners and data-based examples to link educational need with experts who can make a difference.

Also visit the Institute's The Behavioral Apparatus Virtual Museum!
Behavioral Safety Now 2015 
Behavioral Safety Now 2015
Conference Brings Behavioral Science to the Local Level
The 8th Annual West Coast Conference on Autism & Related Disorders was held on April 24, 2015 and was a success both financially for the Center and educationally for those in attendance.

Center Advisors Bill Ahearn, Bridget Taylor, and Matt Normand along with Trustee Hank Schlinger and Executive Director Rob Holdsambeck delivered well-received presentations to the 200 attendees.
Autism Conference
ETHICS in Professional Practice Conference, Friday, August 7th - Visit MA!
Ethics in Professional Practice

From the Executive Director

New Publication Launched

Welcome New Director
Operants Newsletter from the B.F. Skinner Foundation
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