The Current Repertoire
Winter 2015
Volume 31, Number 1
From the Executive Director

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The Center’s Annual Meeting of the Trustees was the largest in recent history.  Special thanks are in order for all who put it together, those that attended in person, and those that attended via our remote broadcast.  Our focused format has gotten good reviews and seems to allow for the right balance of business, networking, and intellectual stimulation.  

Our first order of business was to elect Hank Pennypacker Chair Emeritus of the Board of Directors.  Hank agreed to continue to provide leadership to the Center.  We also elected several new advisors, trustees and board members (see below) as well as re-elected returning, dedicated serving trustees.

Activities and the People Who Made Them Happen

During meetings, we revisited Center programs from the previous year and considered new initiatives.  Presenters and notable events/projects included:
  • Oliver Wirth – Behavioral Safety Accreditation
  • Joshua Pritchard – Exceptional StudentsAnnualMeeting2014_Photo_Collage-2
  • Jeff Kupfer – Update on the New Brain Injury Help Section (see below)
  • Leasha Barry and Michelle Nelson – University of West Florida (UWF), Office of ABA, Continuing Education Collaboration (A thanks to Karen Wagner for previously posted online courses to be transferred to UWF.)
  • Terry McSween – Behavioral Safety Now Conference
  • Erik Arntzen – Behavior and Philosophy journal
  • Amanda Laprime – 25 years of history condensed from issues of The Current Repertoire for Wikipedia development. “In our understanding of behavior lies the future” 
  • Rob Holdsambeck – A review of the 7th annual West Coast Conference on Autism and a preview of the 8th, scheduled for April 2015.  Endicott College collaboration - A review of the 2nd Annual Ethics in Professional Practice Conference and a preview of the 3rd annual event, scheduled for August 2015.
And as an added bonus:
  • Marius Rietdijk – Presented an entertaining and informative talk on addicting lay people to behavior analysis
Attendees were also fortunate to enjoy two presentations:
Philip Hineline presented  “An Elephant in Our Verbal Room”
Janet Twyman presented “Blending Behavior Science and Digital Technology: Are We Ready for “Education 3.0?”

Both will be converted to online continuing education modules through the UWF, Office of ABA. (As of this publication, “An Elephant in Our Verbal Room” is available.)  (See below.) 

And, through the technical team of UWF including Michelle Nelson, Dayna Lee Beddick and Erin Delle, we again expanded our reach through a live webcast of the meeting.  Each year, we grow in numbers and geographical reach. 

An old publication resurrected and a new publication announced

Behavior and Philosophy
As some of you are aware, our flagship journal needed some work to get it back in shape and out to the public.  At last year’s meeting it was the strong consensus of the trustees that the work needed to be done and the journal needed to continue its tradition of excellence.   Fortunately, Erik Arntzen agreed to take the helm and serve as our new editor. Hank and I are pleased to announce that our recent edition is now available on our website.   If you find a moment, please thank Erik and his team for their dedication and professionalism.  

Behavioral Science: Tales of Inspiration, Discovery and Service
Last but not least, a new Center publication was announced.   The idea has been tossed around for some time but it is finally becoming a reality. The book is an attempt to use the narratives of prominent CCBS associates to tell the story of our science.  Our hope is that the book provides some inspiration to those who may not be aware of our history or our reach in providing solutions to significant problems. We are pleased to be working with Bill Webber from Sloan Publishing. Bill graciously agreed to donate his time to support this effort on behalf of CCBS and our mission.  For our first edition, we have 18 contributing authors. Hank commented, “I was excited when I heard about this project, but this pales to the excitement I experienced when I read some of these chapters.”  We hope to publish in time for the May ABAI Conference in San Antonio, TX.  Watch for our announcements.  

To give you a sense of the book here are the initial contributors and their chapter titles:  

CCBS Book Titles

The book should make an excellent addition to your own personal collection.  We also hope that you consider adding it to your syllabi or sharing it with colleagues along the way.  All the proceeds go to help support our mission.  

Please make your plans now to attend next year’s annual meeting to be held November 13-14 in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA.
Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, LCP, BCBA-D
Executive Director
Annual Meeting Elections
New & Returning Leadership
We are pleased to announce new and returning leadership of the Center. 

Incoming Director Dr. Timothy Ludwig noted, “I am honored to follow those distinguished colleagues who have led the Cambridge Center and I hope to keep and strengthen that tradition.  Our mission to apply behavioral science to prevent and relieve human suffering strikes a significant chord with the business persons I come in contact with.  They are diligently looking for solutions to their injury, health, and environmental challenges and are looking more and more to behavioral science for answers.  The Cambridge Center’s scientific standing helps us break through the otherwise bifurcated market of charlatans professing behavioral approaches and naysayers who misrepresent the behaviorist approach.  But our voice must be louder, our solutions broader, and our impact greater.  As the Center regains its footing we must invest in our marketing, invest in our young scientist/practitioners, and demonstrate our impact.  We should have high expectations of each other because the world has high expectations of us.”

And a few words from Dr. Philip Hinline, also newly elected Director, "In its early days I saw the Cambridge Center as one of three highly visible entities representing our field;  the other two were the Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, publishing JEAB and JABA, and the Association for Behavior Analysis International, which grew like Topsy from its local origins.  Additional players have emerged over the ensuing years, but the Cambridge center still has important roles to play. I look forward to doing my part in sustaining that work, following upon the efforts of the distinguished colleagues who preceded the present team."


A complete list of our CCBS Board of Directors, Trustees, Advisors, Senior Fellows & Exceptional Students found on
Below Zero from
That Zero Harm goal on all the posters may seem insurmountable. A more fruitful path is to get to the numbers behind the number... a path to get you below zero.

Dr. Timothy Ludwig discusses best-in-practice behavioral safety programs and the Center's accreditation program including innovations in behavioral safety at Costain Ltd., a CCBS accredited construction company in England. Costain Ltd. was recently awarded re-accreditation for their program.

Link to article on
A Behavior Analyst Goes to the Animal Shelter
Alexandra (Sasha) Protopopova discusses her research centered on systematically developing behavioral interventions to increase adoption rates at shelters.  

Link to article on 

Congratulations to Dr. Protopopova.  As of the date of publication, Sasha has earned her doctorate!
New Brain Injury Help Center
As announced in the last issue, Jeff Kupfer has been updating the Brain Injury Help Center.  The new Center is now live!
The revised help center contains information related to brain injury and the behavioral challenges that often follow.  An extensive bibliography for Applied Behavior Analysis and Brain Injury treatment, information on community involvement, brain injury support and career opportunities are also posted.
Other section features include:
Murray Rita Sidman
Did you know that the earliest research on aphasia by Dr. Murray Sidman and his colleagues began in Massachusetts in the 1960s to treat persons with brain injury with severe aphasia? These important papers contain data that are more understandable in view of the later work explicitly on equivalence relations. Find PDFs of these classic papers plus an extensive Behavior Analysis and Aphasia Bibliography.
A thank you goes to Jeff Kupfer, Nicole Chandonnet, Randy Buzan, Murray Sidman and the Learning Services Corporation.
Behavior & Philosophy

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Free Excerpt from Dr. Teodoro Ayllon's Parenting Book

Head Strong presents a breakthrough parenting approach geared towards helping parents solve problematic behavior patterns exhibited by their children. Repetitive behaviors that challenge parents can be difficult and wearisome to deal with, leading to stress and emotional strain. (Offered through Aubrey Daniels International.)

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Behavioral Safety Now 2015 Call for Papers 
Behavioral Safety Now is accepting speaker proposals for BSN2015 scheduled for October 6-8 in Reno, Nevada.

This is your opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences with others! Proposals will be received for consideration at any time up to the deadline of July 1, 2015.
New CE Course - Dr. Phil Hineline

The Center continues to partner with the University of West Florida to process your presentations and present them online providing continuing education opportunities.

Dr. Phil Hineline's, "An elephant in our verbal room", recorded at the 2014 CCBS Annual Meeting of the Trustees, is now available at the UWF, Office of ABA website.
Go to UWF ABA Website
8th Annual West Coast Conference
Friday, April 24, 2015
Autism & Related Disorders

From the Executive Director

Annual Meeting Elections

Below Zero from
Costain Ltd. Achieves

A Behavior Analyst Goes to the Animal Shelter

New Brain Injury Help Center Live

Behavior and Philosophy publishes Volume 41
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