The Current Repertoire
Fall 2014
Volume 30, Number 3
From the Executive Director
In preparing this missive, I read through Hank’s summary in the last Current Repertoire.  Let me assure you that though it is true that Hank must briefly rotate off the Board, he will continue to provide leadership to our Center.  In fact, at our most recent board meeting we took the unusual step of nominating him for Chairman Emeritus status. I hope the trustees voting in November will confirm that appointment.  I will continue to rely on him and the other members who are rotating off the board during the coming year.  Our Board of Directors will be replenished at our upcoming annual meeting and we will move forward. We have some exciting candidates.
Since the last issue several exciting things have happened. You may have heard of or seen pictures of an amazing bust of B.F. Skinner that was tragically damaged in a fire back in the 80’s.  Betsy Constantine worked hard to get the bust back to the sculptor, Gilda Oliver, who completed repairs as a gift to the Center.  I am happy to report that the bust is back on display, currently at Endicott College.  More about the unveiling along with photographs may be found below.

We successfully completed another Ethics conference in August with our friends at Endicott College.  Special thanks are in order for Janet Twyman, Andy Bondy, and Hank Pennypacker who once again donated their time and talents to making this a success.   Of course the event would not have happened were it not for the fine work of Tom Zane, Mary Jane Weiss, and Michael Dorsey at the Institute for Behavioral Studies, Van Loan School at Endicott College.  We were also delighted to have a special visit from Julie Vargas who helped us unveil the bust of her late father.  She and I began discussions on ways in which the B.F. Skinner Foundation and CCBS can work together. In fact you will notice that a link to their quarterly publication, Operants, is now available to you as a recipient of the Current Repertoire.  Likewise those who now get Operants will be given a copy of our Current Repertoire.  You should hear more about that in the months to come.

The collaboration with Endicott College is not the only one under way.  Leasha Barry and Michelle Nelson of the University of West Florida have been helping us convert historic tapes that we found in the CCBS archives.  We hope to have these available soon through our website. Our hope is to cultivate partners that allow us to share these valuable resources at little or no cost to the public.    In addition UWF has been taping our conferences, editing talks, and posting offerings for our growing CE program.  As you can imagine, this is an expensive and time-consuming process.  We needed a partner with the resources to bear the upfront time and expense to make this work.  If you or someone you know needs continuing education credits or just want to see some great talks, please direct them to our website.  If you have a non-copyrighted talk that you would like to donate to CCBS, please get in touch with us.
As Hank mentioned, Erik Arntzen has taken the helm of our flagship journal, Behavior and Philosophy.  At our last annual meeting there was a great deal of support for continuing to publish this journal.  We discussed possibly merging this effort with ABAI but the journal was not ready.  There was much work to be done.  Special thanks to Marta Leon for helping get us on the right track.  We also really appreciate the professional attention that Erik is providing.  Submissions are growing again and we hope to see that trend continue.  If you have something to contribute please get in touch with Erik.

As I type, final plans are underway for the Annual Meeting of the Trustees in November.  The format will be similar to last year with most of us gathering for an informal social on Friday evening and attending our business meeting on Saturday. This year we will have two special invited addresses: Philip Hineline presents "An Elephant in Our Verbal Room” and Janet Twyman presents "Blending Behavior Science and Digital Technology: Are We Ready for “Education 3.0″

Our annual meetings are one of the most important events of the year for our trustees, advisors and supporters.  As Hank mentioned, we have made them shorter, less expensive, and more accessible.  Aubrey Daniels has graciously donated his lovely conference facility for the meeting for the 6th year.  If you are a trustee and cannot attend in person, please attend remotely through our webcast and have your vote registered.  If you cannot attend in person nor remotely, make sure you appoint a proxy for your vote prior to the meeting.  Rebekah and our crew from UWF will be happy to assist you with remote attendance protocols.  The afternoon sessions will be open to the public for a small fee to cover our costs.  I hope to have you there of course.  Socializing and networking with the amazing people of the Center is well worth the trip.

In closing, you may have heard rumors that Hank and I are editing a book of stories to inform the public about some important people and projects in our science.  Those rumors are true.  We are gratefully indebted to all the authors who donated their time and shared their stories.  All the profits will go to help support the future work of the Center.  Hank and I will share the details at the annual meeting.  You won’t want to miss that!
Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, LCP, BCBA-D
Executive Director

Special thanks to our Board of Directors and special contributors.
Recap from Ethics 2014
On Friday, August 8th, CCBS and the Institute for Behavioral Studies at Endicott College held the 2nd annual Ethics Conference on their campus in Beverly, MA.  

Beyond outstanding presentations by Andy Bondy, PhD, Michael F. Dorsey, PhD, BCBA-D, Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, LCP, BCBA-D, Hank Pennypacker, PhD and Janet Twyman, PhD, BCBA, a panel discussion was led by Thomas Zane, PhD, BCBA-D and Mary Jane Weiss, PhD, BCBA-D.

A highlight of the event was the formal unveiling of the Cambridge Center’s bust of B.F. Skinner, recently restored by the original artist Gilda Oliver.  Dr. Julie Vargas, Dr. Skinner’s daughter, was a special guest along with Gilda for the unveiling.

Gilda Oliver and Julie Vargas unveiling the bust.
See more photos online at

The conference Powerpoint presentations are available online and, again, thanks to Leasha Barry PhD and her team at University of West Florida, the presentations will be made available as online CE courses. 

Save August 7, 2015 for the 3rd annual conference at Endicott!
Science, Fads and ABA: The Vaccine and Autism Connection: The Wakefield Study Once Again Discredited
Summer is over and as we head into the colder months, we know that the flu season is rapidly approaching. And once again, the controversy about the vaccination of children flares anew. Should children be vaccinated or not? What are the risks? 

Link to article on
Behavioral Safety Now - Marathon Petroleum, MRD, Re-Accreditation Awarded
The 20th Behavioral Safety Now Conference features many of the Center's leaders, including our executive director, Rob Holdsambeck, presenting opening remarks.  This year, Timothy Ludwig, PhD, and Sigurdur (Siggi) Sigurdsson, PhD, will be presenting a Re-Accreditation Award to Marathon Petroleum Company, Michigan Refining Division.

Mark Alavosius, Chair of the Commission, remarked about the Marathon Re-Accreditation, "The CCBS Safety Accreditation Commission is very pleased to see the sustained results achieved by the Circle of Safety (COS) committee at the Marathon refinery in Detroit. Another excellent example of applied behavior science to improve human welfare.  See their application and the Commissioners' site report for details," said Mark Alavosius, Chair of the Commission. 

Our Accreditation program is thriving, thanks to the Commission’s dedicated work.
New Brain Injury Help Center 
Thanks to Jeff Kupfer, PhD, the Center is in the final stages of completing the new Brain Injury Help Center on The revised help center will contain information related to brain injury and the behavioral challenges that often follow, as well as an overview of strategies for addressing some of these challenges.

The webpage contains an extensive bibliography for Applied Behavior Analysis and Brain Injury treatment, as well as information on community involvement, brain injury support, and careers opportunities.
There are two new tutorials that were generously provided by Nicole Chandonnet, MS, SLP-CCC on using errorless learning and co-treatment procedures in speech therapy, and by Randy Buzan, MD on rationale and strategies for reducing psychotropic medication in persons with brain injury. 
The webpage also contains an archive featuring the early aphasia research by Dr. Murray Sidman and his colleagues. In addition to the bibliography, we will feature PDFs of these classic papers.
Look for the new Brain Injury webpage in the coming months. 
Erik Arntzen, PhD, University of Oslo, Norway, Brings New Vitality to Behavior & Philosophy

New articles from Volume 41 of our Behavior & Philosophy journal are now posted online. 

Erik Artnzen and his editorial assistant, Hanna Steinunn Steingrimsdottir, call for papers at the recent EABA conference in Stockholm.


Join Erik on Facebook on his new Behavior & Philosophy page. 
News of Interest from Other Organizations

Exceptional Student Group 2014
Joshua K. Pritchard, PhD, BCBA-D, Florida Institute of Technology, has agreed to help the Center by guiding our student volunteers for the upcoming year.  

New Students: Sean Field, Amy Henley, Katie Kavanaugh, Brandon Onstott-Martinez, Thom Ratkos, Josephine Southwick and Sorah Stein

Returning Students: Apral Foreman, Ken Killingsworth, Amanda Laprime, Erin Paulsen, Alexandra Protopopova,  Mary Sawyer and Daryl Stewart

Sean Field has already helped by creating and funding “Where We Are” showing the locations of our Board of Directors, Trustees, Advisors and Students.  Thank you Sean! 
New CE Courses - CCBS & UWF Collaboration

The Center continues to partner with the University of West Florida to process your presentations and present them online providing continuing education opportunities.

Our Ethics in Professional Practice 2013 presentations are available, along with those made during our 2013 Annual Meeting of the Trustees.

The latest CE offering features an interview with Dr. Murray Sidman.

Find our CE courses with UWF on
Join Us for our Annual Meeting of the Trustees - November 15, 2014

Join us in person or through a live webcast to learn more about the Center and enjoy two terrific presentations:

Dr. Philip Hineline: "An Elephant in Our Verbal Room"
Dr. Janet Twyman: "Blending Behavior Science and Digital Technology: Are We Ready for “Education 3.0″

Hotel information and webcast registration.

Register for joining us in person.

ALL are welcome!  Trustees are voting members of the Center.

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