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Spring/Summer 2014
Volume 30, Number 2
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From the Chair
Hank Pennypacker
The last two years have seen major changes in the governance and operation of the Center. Like President Obama, I am nearing the conclusion of my second term in this office and, like him, I am term limited. I will be stepping down after the next meeting of the trustees.I am therefore taking this opportunity to review some of the events of the recent past and make some prognostications for the future 

Formerly there was a long tradition of gathering annually, generating a huge slate of creative ideas and then leaving.  The Director and his or her minimal staff were left to carry them out. Not surprisingly, very few actually reached fruition. Meanwhile, the once-thought-to-be unlimited resources of the Center were rapidly dwindling. 

Under the leadership of Rob Holdsambeck and Andy Bondy, this situation has been reversed. The financial bleeding has been staunched and a positive cash flow is now a realistic aspiration. More important, a new spirit of collective action has replaced the venerated custom of academic deliberation. Here are a few examples:
  • Leasha Barry and Michelle Nelson with the help of their crew at the University of West Florida (new course announcement below) have revived the CE production process and several of the items we all knew were somewhere but had never seen are now up and being viewed by individuals seeking CE’s for their certification requirements. A modest but steady flow of revenue is a result.
  • More Trustees are again making real contributions to the content of the website. Mary Burch has created an excellent piece on animal training and Jeff Kupfer has produced a very clear and informative piece on closed head brain injury. Julie Smith and her company, CLG, have agreed to give the Behavior in Organizations/OBM site a makeover and other similar projects are in the works.
  • Behavior and Philosophy, long the Center’s flagship journal, is being revived under the editorship of Erik Arntzen who is also an editor of the European Journal of Behavior Analysis. Erik’s many contacts in the international academic community will insure a steady flow of manuscripts meeting the high standards of recent editors, Jay Moore and Jack Marr.
  • The Behavioral Safety Accreditation group under the leadership of Tim Ludwig and Mark Alavosius is expanding its activity under pressure from many in industry who see the value of Accreditation by the Center. Under consideration is creation of a similar program to accredit organizations with respect to their efforts to enhance the  sustainability of their operations. A model example is furnished by a hotel in Lake Tahoe which showed substantial operating savings while aiding the environment in a number of salutary ways. Mark Alavosius was a key figure in this activity.
  • The Exceptional Student Initiative is the brainchild of Rob Holdsambeck with great assists from Janet Twyman and Bill Heward. They solicited from faculty members around the country nominations of well-qualified students who would be willing to assist in the activities of the Center.  The first such group met at ABAI last year and, thanks to the generosity of Directors Andy Bondy, Aubrey Daniels, and Julie Smith together with Rob Holdsambeck, a few attended the annual Trustee meeting. Josh Pritchard is coordinating the group’s activities this year. Amanda Laprime will be assisting Josh with his efforts. They met again at ABAI and will be represented this fall at the trustees meeting. 
  • The format of the annual meeting (Nov 14-15) has been changed. It has been shortened to a single day and features reports by each of the trustees responsible for a particular activity. As before, discussion follows each report. Unlike before, suggestions for additional activities must be accompanied by a commitment on the part of the suggester to actually carry out the activity. Also, as before, there is a featured speaker and a convivial banquet.
  • Our conferences are growing in both number and popularity. Last summer’s cooperative conference on ethics with Endicott College was successful and will be repeated this summer. The annual West Coast Conference on Autism was successful as usual. The Behavioral Safety Now conference managed by Terry McSween and his team was also extremely successful. Proceeds from those events have been instrumental in keeping the Center in the black this year.
These are a few of the highlights of our current effort. There are a number of new projects in the pipeline that will be announced as they mature. In all, I believe the Center’s future is bright. In particular, we are bringing new, energetic young blood aboard. As our financial situation gains stability, we can look forward to many more years of carrying out our mission with measurable effectiveness and success. 
Hank Pennypacker, PhD
Chair, Board of Directors
Murray Sidman & Hank Pennypacker
Thanks from the Executive Director
There are many advisors, trustees and friends of the Center who donate their time and expertise. Thanks goes to a few in particular who went above and beyond this past year:

Conference Coordinators & Collaborations:
  • Terry McSween & his team at Quality Safety Edge
  • Institute for Behavioral Studies, The Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Endicott College
  • Team Holdsambeck
  • Leasha Barry and her team at The Office of ABA at UWF
Donated Talks:
  • Ted Ayllon   
  • Andy Bondy
  • Aubrey Daniels
  • Peter Gerhardt
  • Bill Heward
  • Rob Holdsambeck
  • Jay Moore
  • Hank Pennypacker
  • Tris Smith
  • Mary Jane Weiss
  • Tom Zane
Annual Meeting Host:
Aubrey Daniels & ADI staff

Board of Directors 2013-2014:
  • Andy Bondy, Vice Chair
  • Bill Heward    
  • Joe Layng    
  • Chuck Merbitz, Treasurer
  • Hank Pennypacker, Chair
  • Julie Smith    
  • Tom Zane, Clerk
Make Plans Now
Come to the Annual Meeting
2014 Annua lMeeting
Our 2014 Annual Meeting of the Trustees will again be hosted by Aubrey Daniels and his team at the Aubrey Daniels International headquarters in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia. 

An informal get together is planned for Friday evening, November 14, with the business meeting scheduled for Saturday, November 15.  A more formal dinner is planned for Saturday evening. 

Register today.
West Coast Autism Conference 
In April 2014, we held our 7th Annual West Coast Conference, Autism & Related Disorders: Research-Based Solutions, in Buellton, CA. Over 160 attendees learned from CCBS experts at the local level.  

Our thanks go to presenters Peter Gerhardt, Bill Heward, Rob Holdsambeck, and Daniel Unumb; along with our panel Marianne Jackson, Chair, Amanda Nicolson Adams, Heather Flores, and Kae Yabuki.

Team Holdsambeck volunteers staffed and Leasha Barry and her UWF team videoed for our online continuing education series.

Enjoy photos from the conference.
Science, Fads and ABA: Who are You Going to Believe, Me or Your Own Eyes: The Use of Pre-Post Test Designs to Evaluate Effectiveness of Autism Treatments by Dr. Thomas Zane
Researchers and clinicians often attempt to demonstrate the effectiveness of an autism treatment by using this common "pre-post" test design.  Does this design provide convincing proof that the treatment caused the improvement in the variable(s) being measured?

Link to article on
2nd Annual Ethics Conference
Ethics Conference 2014
On Friday, August 8, CCBS and the Institute for Behavioral Studies at Endicott College will host the annual Ethics Conference
  • Andy Bondy, PhD
  • Michael F. Dorsey, PhD, BCBA-D
  • Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, LCP, BCBA-D
  • Hank Pennypacker, PhD
  • Janet Twyman, PhD, BCBA
  • Thomas Zane, PhD, BCBA-D and Mary Jane Weiss, PhD, BCBA-D, Facilitators for the Interactive Panel Discussion.
This event provides BACB® CEs for ethics, APA CEs and Teaching PDPs. Endicott College is located on the Atlantic Ocean in Beverly, MA, about 30 minutes north of Boston. THE place to be in August. Hope to see you there!
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Bringing Skinner Home
BF Skinner Bust made in 1986 by Gilda-Oliver
Commissioned in the 80's by CCBS, this fabulous bust of B.F. Skinner is being returned to us after repairs made by the artist, Gilda Oliver.

Read more about the bust, the artist and the journey home.
Articles of Interest
Mary Burch

Chelsea Wilhite

Richard Hastings PhD

Roger McIntire
Training Tips from the 1950's
Dr. Mary Burch provides a glimpse into her past while sharing Rudd Weatherwax's positive reinforcement training tips from the popular toy, Lassie Trick Trainer. As originally published on the Citizen Canine blog.

Live It! Four-Legged Family Members
Chelsea Wilhite writes about colleague Hayley Heitzig's use of behavioral methods re-training her Lab due to degenerating eyesite. As originally publsihed in the recently revived Behavior Analysis Digest International (BADI).  Now edited by Benjamin Witts, BADI was founded by Trustee Joseph Wyatt in 1989.

Autism at school: 7 Questions for Parents
Most children with autism require a tailored approach which involves educational interventions designed to address their specific needs. The best way to figure which interventions will work best is by asking questions of educators based on a scientific model of evidence. This article was originally published on The Conversation and ProfHasting's blog:

Parenting Styles
Dr. Roger McIntire gives easy-to-follow parenting tips based on the principles of behavior analysis. As originally published on
NEW Online ETHICS CE Courses 
University of West Florida, Office of ABA
Applying the Guidelines in Context: Ethical Decision Making, Ethical Supervision, and Ethical Training
Mary Jane Weiss, PhD, BCBA-D, Institute for Behavioral Studies, The Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Endicott College
Business Ethics, Is There Really Such a Thing?
Aubrey Daniels, PhD, Aubrey Daniels International
Multicultural Aspects of Ethical Practice
Andy Bondy, PhD, Pyramid Educational Consultants.
The Ethics of Buying in Without Selling Out
Hank S. Pennypacker, PhD, University of Florida, Emeritus and MammaCare Corp.
Rob, Hank, Andy & Aubrey
UWF CE Opportunities
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Thank you for your continued valued support, through both your service and through your financial contributions. Without you the work of the Center would not be possible.

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Get insights, best practices and success stories in behavior-based safety and behavioral techniques. Now in it's 20th year, the Behavioral Safety Now Conference is the premier venue for collecting cutting-edge ideas and strategies to improve safety, quality, customer service and productivity. Join the industry's most innovative thinkers sharing practical ideas for creating peak performance workplaces.

Keynote Presenters:                    
Aubrey Daniels, PhD
E. Scott Geller, PhD
Angelica Grindle, PhD
Tom Krause, PhD
Timothy Ludwig, PhD
Lori Scharff

Proceeds benefit the Cambridge Center! Thanks go to Terry McSween and his team for producing this powerful and highly successful conference.
Training Tips from the 1950's 
Live It! Four-Legged Family Members 

Parenting Styles 

Autism at school: seven questions for parents 
Poster ETHICS2014

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