The Current Repertoire
Winter/Spring 2014
Volume 30, Number 1
From the Executive Director
Thanks to the excellent efforts of our board, our trustees, and advisors 2014 is shaping up to be another exciting year for our center.

On April 25th we will host our 7th Annual West Coast Conference on Autism and Related Disorders. This year’s event returns to the beautiful central coast of California. Those of you buried under winter weather, might consider a visit to a part of the country where our average temperature for the month of February has been around 70 degrees. This years speakers include Bill Heward, Peter Gerhardt and Lorri Unumb, the parent who wrote this country’s first law getting ABA coverage for Autism. Our colleagues at Cal State Fresno are leading an incredible panel on diversity and I will give a talk on understanding chaos and managing stress. If you are unable to attend please help us get the word out to others. Registration information and links are available on

Our newly formed group of graduate students has been busy helping us in various ways. A brief report of these activities can be found in this edition of The Current Repertoire. Many of you had the opportunity to meet some student representatives at this year’s annual meeting in Atlanta. Thanks to generous donations from board members Andy Bondy, Aubrey Daniels, Julie Smith and Team Holdsambeck, students were able to attend without charge. I know they profited greatly from the experience of networking with our group. In addition they were a big help with taking notes and preparing the minutes. Among other agenda items at our May meeting in Chicago will be a discussion of this program. If you would like to nominate a student for next year’s cohort please send your suggestions to Hank Pennypacker or to me. We hope to keep the group relatively small but always appreciate the opportunity to work with talented incoming scientists, students, and practitioners. If you have not yet met our students or would like to reconnect, please consider attending our reunion at ABAI in Chicago. We should all give a special thanks to Janet Twyman and Bill Heward for getting this tradition underway.

On August 8th we will once again be teaming with The Institute for Behavioral Studies, Endicott College to present a conference on Ethics. Last years event featured Aubrey Daniels, Hank Pennypacker, Andy Bondy, Mary Jane Weiss and a special panel led by newly elected board member Thomas Zane. Andy is returning this year along with Janet Twyman, Michael Dorsey and me. Last year’s event was filmed by Endicott College and is being developed for continuing education by our CE committee led by Leasha Barry, Judah Axe, and Karen Wagner. Leasha’s team at the University of West Florida is providing all of the logistical support for this transformation effort free-of-charge to the Center. (The UWF team will also develop your audio/video presentation into a CE course for the Center.) Special thanks are in order for their fine efforts.

On October 7th of this year the 20th Behavioral Safety Now Conference will be held in Buffalo, NY. I had the pleasure of attending last year’s event in Reno and it was incredible. Terry McSween and his team have devoted countless hours to organizing and executing this annual event. It is clear that many of the principles of our science are making a meaningful impact on workplace safety due to the efforts of our trustees Terry, Aubrey Daniels, Scott Geller, Tim Ludwig and Mark Alavosius, to name a few. If you have not kept up with the exciting things happening in the field of behaviorally based safety, this event is well worth attending. In addition to the fine presentations Terry has planned, you can also enjoy a tour of Niagara Falls. If your touring repertoire is a bit more restricted, I suspect the Anchor Bar in Buffalo will be serving up mass quantities of their famous wings as well.

You have been very generous with me as I learn the nuances of my position. Our annual meeting this year was a big success in many ways. At your suggestion we made it cheaper, shorter, accessible online, and still managed to have enough time to gather with old friends and make some new ones. Thanks to donations of space by Aubrey Daniels, donations of tech support from the University of West Florida, and fine talks by Jay Moore and Tristan Smith, we were able to pull this off and cover all of the center’s costs. I continue to be impressed by the number of talented people who support our center and its mission. The conferences mentioned above are an important vehicle for meeting our mission of getting our science out to the public. However, there are many others. There is a list of ten ways you can help in this edition of The Current Repertoire. If you have other ideas or would like to participate more fully, contact me through

Respectfully submitted,
Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, LCP, BCBA-D
Executive Director
Elections 2014 ~ Guiding CCBS
Board of Directors: Thomas Zane, PhD, BCBA-D was elected and agreed to serve. (A list of our Leadership is found online.)

Thanks go to Trustee Aubrey Daniels who has rotated off our Board of Directors.

Trustees: The following agreed and were elected to serve three year terms as Trustees. Joseph Dagen, PhD, Svein Eikeseth, PhD, Richard Foxx, PhD, Richard Hastings, PhD, Thomas C. Mawhinney, PhD, Mary Jane Weiss, PhD, BCBA-D, and Oliver Wirth, PhD. (Bios available online from nomination process)

The following agreed to serve and were re-elected to three-year terms as Trustees. William Abernathy, PhD, Mark Alavosius, PhD, Paul Andronis, PhD, Leasha Barry, PhD, Marc Branch, PhD, A Charles Catania, PhD, Philip Chase, PhD, Kathleen Dyer, PhD, Lanny Fields, PhD, Patrick Friman, PhD, William Heward, EdD, Ramona Houmanfar, PhD, Michael (Mickey) Keenan, DPhil, Jeff Kupfer, PhD, Timothy Ludwig, PhD, Armando Machado, PhD, Tetsuro Matsuzawa, PhD, Francis Mechner, PhD, Charles Merbitz, PhD, Paolo Moderato, PhD, James Mulick, PhD, Claire St. Peter Pipkin, PhD, and Thomas Zane, PhD.

Advisors: The following agreed to serve and were elected as Advisors: Dayna Lee Beddick, MEd, BCBA, Chanti Fritzsching Waters, MS, BCBA, Sigrid Glenn, PhD, and Susan Schneider, PhD.
Science, Fads and ABA: Chelation Therapy: Warning by the Food and Drug Administration by Dr. Thomas Zane
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a press statement (2010) concluding that over-the-counter chelation remedies are considered unapproved drugs and devices, and that unproven claims about their effectiveness will be considered a violation of federal law. Specifically, the FDA targeted eight companies that promote chelation therapy as effective at solving numerous health problems. Although the FDA has approved chelating products only for lead poisoning and iron overload, these particular companies market chelation for problems other than those two metals, and also market screening tests claimed to detect the presence of heavy metals in the body.

Link to article on
CCBS & Endicott College Hosting 2nd Annual Ethics Conference, August 2014
Ethics Conference 2014
On Friday, August 8, 2014, the Cambridge Center and the Institute for Behavioral Studies at Endicott College will host the annual Ethics Conference. This year’s conference speakers:
  • Andy Bondy, PhD, Pyramid Educational Consultants
  • Michael F. Dorsey, PhD, BCBA-D, Director, Institute for Behavioral Studies, The Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Endicott College
  • Rob Holdsambeck, EdD, LCP, BCBA-D, Executive Director, Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies and Holdsambeck and Associates, Inc.
  • Janet Twyman, PhD, BCBA, Department of Pediatrics, University of Massachusetts Medical School
This annual event draws behavior analysts from all over New England, and provides BACB-approved Continuing Education credits for ethics as well as APA CEs. Endicott College is located on the Atlantic Ocean in Beverly, Massachusetts, about 30 minutes north of Boston. Hope to see you there!
Progress and Positivity: An Interview with a Behavior-Based Safety Facilitator at the Marathon Petroleum Company LP in Detroit, Michigan
Marathon PetroleumAccreditation Logo
Developing a positive and safety-oriented culture in any organization is no easy task. Every now and then, though, a company stands out from the others in both safety and performance. Such is the case with the Marathon Petroleum Company LP (MPC) refinery in Detroit, Michigan.

In April 2011, the behavior-based safety (BBS) process at the Detroit refinery received accreditation by the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies by unanimous vote. The BBS process under scrutiny was MPC’s “Circle of Safety” (COS).

The following interview features Radwan Dagher, an MPC employee serving as BBS facilitator at the Detroit site. 

Read complete interview on
Articles of Interest
Terry McSween
Dr. Timothy Ludwig

Megan Coatley
Exceptional Student Group Lends Many Hands
A few of our Exceptional Students
Our Exceptional Student Group formed in May 2013 has been busy helping the Center. Four of the group attended the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Trustees, providing much needed support, recording and formalizing the minutes.  Some are using their social media skills helping with marketing, and others are organizing web improvement projects, cleaning our databases, testing new technology, assisting our Executive Director on various projects and writing articles for us (See Progress and Positivity by Ken Killingsworth, MA). Only a few of our dedicated volunteers are spotlighted here.

Learn about our Students online.
Contribute CEUs to CCBS
Continuing EducationUWF ABA Program
A chance for your presentations to live on through continuing education modules!  The Center has partnered with the University of West Florida to process your presentations and present them online providing CEUs.

Learn about the process on
Certificates of Appreciation Presented During the Annual Meeting

Lifetime Achievement Award
Teodoro J. Ayllon, PhD for decades of outstanding contributions to the science and application of behavior analysis.

Awards of Appreciation
John C. Moore, PhD
for serving as the editor of Behavior & Philosophy.
Terry McSween, PhD for outstanding financial support through the success of the Behavioral Safety Now Conference.
Rebekah Pavlik in recognition of over 10 years of outstanding service.

Awards given in absentia:
Mary Burch, PhD for major contributions to the Animal Behavior Section of
Mark Alavosius, PhD for outstanding work as the Chair of the Commission on Accreditation - Behavioral Safety

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Photographs from 2013 Annual Meeting of Trustees
Photos from the Annual Meeting
Leadership: Moving Away from Bullying by Dr. Terry McSween
Gone Fish’n - Measurement doesn’t have to be an Illusion by Dr. Timothy Ludwig

The Worst New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make ~ Start Strong by Starting with the Right Goals by Megan Coatley
7th Annual West Coast Conference on Autism & Related Disorders

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