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W. Joseph Wyatt, Editor

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Volume 19,  No. 4,  WINTER 2007

In This Issue...

Skinner 1, Chomsky 0

       W. Joseph Wyatt, Editor

Put the Bite on Self-Injury

       Allissa Harman, Marshall University

Tackling Tourette’s

       Sarah Jarvis, Marshall University

Behavior Analysis in Poland-Part I

       Monika Suchowierska, Ph.D., BCBA, Center for Early Intervention Step-by-Step, Warsaw School of Social Psychology

Utah Researchers Hunt for Suicide Genes

Positively, You Ought to Spare the Rod

       Cynthia Austin Miller, Marshall University

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention: Still the best in treating children with pervasive developmental disorders

       Rafael Kawa, Center for Early Intervention Step-by-Step

W. Joseph Wyatt, Editor

Editorial Board:
Monika M. Suchowierska, Warsaw (Poland) School of Social Psychology, Associate Editor
Jon S. Bailey, Florida State University
M. Michele Burnette, Western Michigan University
Paul Chance, Laurel, Delaware
Thomas S. Critchfield, Auburn University
Michael J. Dougher, University of New Mexico
Janet Ellis, University of North Texas
E. Scott Geller, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Robert P. Hawkins, West Virginia University
Theodore A. Hoch, West Virginia University
Paula K. McCoy, University of North Texas
Bobby Newman, CUNY, Queens College
William K. Redmon, Western Michigan University
James T. Todd, Eastern Michigan University

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