Hometown: Chicago
Interests: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior-- specifically intraverbal behavior, ABA in school settings, ABA for children with autism, behavior problems, self-regulation needs, and how ABA may help adults with depression re: health problems (e.g., cardiac concerns, cancer, overweight); really interested in anything related to ABA, behavior modification, and/or improving the world by manipulating the environment. My life goal is to be the best behavior analyst I can be and to stay as up to date on the research as possible!
Biography: MA, BCBA, Master's Thesis on teaching vocal verbal behavior to children with ASD diagnosis, undergrad honor's thesis, 7 years working in ABA setting, 2 years as a BCBA in a clinic/school/home setting The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Western Michigan University Please contact me
Looking For: Potential employers and/or mentors, as well as research suggestions/invitations and continuing education opportunities

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