Hometown: Born and raised in the Texas panhandle. The center of oil country.
Interests: Biblical History, Comparative Religion, Semitic Linguistics, Particle Physics. Global Political Game Theory, Dual Inheritance Theory, Advanced Technology, and there relationships. Also Classical Guitar Technique. Asking the big questions, running the math, and trusting my faith to guild me.
Biography: Many time people have told me to write my biography. I don't know where to begin. My mind is smarter than my heart. Maybe someday they will agree. In the final analysis: All things said and done, at the end of the day we all are just doing the best we can and Heisenberg is as right as Dewitt-Wheeler. Thank You for your interest!
Looking For: "In search of the true nature of God." To hold THE truth in my hand. To touch the face of GOD. To expand consciousness so death is irrelevant. What am I looking for: "truism like us all?" Moreover, a few other -isms would not hurt either.

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