Interests: Improving patient compliance and provider performance through therapeutic behavior management. Improving knowledge and skills in the science of ABA through AVATAR based and serious games platforms. Improving long-term outcomes for veterans and those who demonstrate PTS behavior.
Biography: Dr. Wright has been associated with autism dating back to 1965 when his brother Ben was diagnosed. He watched as his parents struggled in those early days to find serious forms of treatment or even a cure. In 2003 he returned to Orlando where he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Threshold Center for Autism. A significant observation was that parents, educators, behaviorists and virtually everyone associated with working with children and adults on the autism spectrum learned how to shape behavior on the job. Knowing that the National Simulation Center was located at the University of Central Florida, just six miles away, he met with several well-known and respected firms and determined that no one was focusing on autism, behaviorism, parents, simulation and avatars. Dr. Wright has a diverse background and is no stranger to taking on difficult tasks. As a young soldier during the Vietnam era he served as a Special Forces Medic with the 3rd, and 6th Special Forces Groups. Upon leaving active duty he joined the 20th Special Forces Group of the Florida National Guard. During this time he completed training and practiced as a Registered Nurse in intensive care and emergency care and later rehabilitation. Seeking to further his education he attended and graduated from the University of Central Florida with an undergraduate degree in speech and hearing disorders. Two years later he completed his master’s degree and ROTC and returned to active duty as an audiologist. While on active duty he completed a second master’s degree in healthcare administration and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. His final tour of active duty found him as the U.S. Army Medical Department representative on the Tricare Demonstration project in Portsmouth, VA. This was the team that developed and implemented the guidelines for Tricare. He was a 1990 inductee into the Order of Military Medical Merit. He completed his formal education earning a PhD in Health Services Administration in 1997 and joined the adjunct faculty at the University Of Dallas Graduate School Of Management. It was during his tenure at Threshold that he noticed that many trainers and most parents lacked the expertise needed to be effective therapists. Studying under Drs. Darnell Lattal and Aubrey Daniels he was able to see how the simplicity of Performance Management, as developed by Dr. Daniels, could be used with simulation training to place applied behavior analysis in the hands of parents and non-behaviorally trained professionals.
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