Bribes versus Reinforcers

 “I know that you are doing. You are just bribing the people to do what you want them to do.” That statement is one of the more frequent things that I hear when people ask about what I do. Of course we are all experts at behavior. Afte…
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Anchoring Behavior

ANCHORING BEHAVIOR TO THE BITTER END When my brother Ben was born in August 1965 I was approaching my 18th birthday.  The story of his life would be written throughout my life from young adult to today.  Just two weeks before he was born I was in a car accident, Friday August the 13th, and managed to punch my head through the car windshield and survive.  Ther…
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Do It or Else

“Do it… or else!”  Four little words that have such an impact on productivity.  In many organizations those words are followed up with some carefully prescribed consequence that meets some legal eagle’s opinion of what a graded response to wrong-doing should be.  Stop at the stop sign… or else; do your homework… or else: take your medicine… or else.  Then there is my personal favorite morale …
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"Empowering" Your Patients

Has anyone ever written an article of “automobile repair empowerment”?  What about “Pool Pump Empowerment”?  Have veterinarians ever written any articles on “Pit Bull Empowerment”?  Every few years someone comes up with a concept and everyone jumps on board.  No one wants to be left behind without writi…
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How Quickly they Forget

At least until the patient gets to the front door of the hospital or clinic. Then there is a significant data dump. For those who love Teach-back, and have made it a significant part of their career, please do not: 1. Take offense and start looking for ways to get b…
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