Biography: 13 years of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition experience. My expertise on the corporate perspective of recruiting, expert networking skills, and high energy interpersonal interaction are the perfect ingredients for continued success in the staffing arena. I have broad industry background with depth in Information Technology (IT), Engineering, Executive, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare (non-clinical), Nutrition, Energy and Oil & Gas. I am adept at evaluating critical business needs and have experience in developing and leading the implementation of recruiting strategies that support aggressive growth initiatives in diverse and complex business environments. I have the ability to coordinate all operational efforts to ensure optimum productivity/efficiency, set effective priorities, manage multiple projects, and meets strict deadlines. I possess proven key recruiting craft skills including cold calling, sourcing, screening, interviewing, and the ability to market a position and a candidate. I am a certified trainer as well as an AIRS Search Lab Certified Recruiter and AIRS Certified Diversity Recruiter. A detail and process-oriented consummate professional, I have a cheerful and engaging personality, which allows the process of making major life and career-changing decision become a positive and joyful experience.
Looking For: Behavioral Analysts with organizational, industrial and corporate experience.

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