Joel Vidovic



Hometown: Canton, MI and Lafayette, CA
Interests: Using Applied Behavior Analysis to improve the human condition; the study of verbal behavior; rule-governed behavior; improving staff performance; systems analysis; creating data collection systems; and HOCKEY
Biography: I was born in Canton, MI and "stumbled" into behavior analysis when I decided to attend Western Michigan University. The first (and possibly the only) text book that I read from cover to cover was Elementary Principles of Behavior. Indeed, I became hooked. After working in special education for a few years, I was lucky enough to go back to school and obtain my Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at The Ohio State University. Shortly after that, I moved to California to work for a small non-public school that specialized in the use of Applied Verbal Behavior to teach language skills to children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Since 2008 I have worked in the public schools attempting to help spread behavior analysis in the mainstream educational setting. When it comes to educational reform, I believe very strongly that we are just waiting to be (re) discovered. I try, on a daily basis, to remember...that we must "just keep nibbling". While I work in the realm of education and developmental disabilities, I thoroughly enjoy learning and exploring applications for applied behavior analysis in other facets of life.
Looking For: Interesting applications of the science of behavior; Ways to improve my performance

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