Joe Dagen



Hometown: Houston, Texas
Interests: Behavior analytic solutions to a variety of complex problems. BBS, instructional design, organizational performance and systems analysis are all specific interest areas. Recreational activities include triathlon, weight lifting, and playing guitar.
Biography: Joseph Dagen received his B.S. in psychology from Western Michigan University in 2005 and earned an MA (2007) and Ph.D. (2010) in Psychology from the University of Nevada Reno. His interests include behavior-based safety in high-risk industries, systems analysis, and general health and well-being. He has served as an instructional designer for the CCBS, guest member of the BBS Accreditation team, and currently serves as an advisor for the Cambridge Center. Dr. Dagen has published basic, applied, and theoretical papers and has served for two years as a guest reviewer for the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management.
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