Charee Klimek



Hometown: Western Springs, IL
Interests: Organizational Behavior, Psychology, Anthropology, Behavioral Economics and other fields that contribute to Organizational Behavioral and Performance Management.
Biography: I am the founder and Chief Experience Officer for a company called Vociiâ„¢ (voh-ky). My mission and passion is to unite leaders within siloed organizations to collaborate using social tools, behavioral solutions and other techniques that improve the working experience for employees and the experience for customers. Simply put I want to make better workplaces a reality.
Looking For: I have enjoyed a highly successful 18 year career as an expert supporting leaders in Human Resources, Communications, Marketing and Branding. My experience is real world and much of my education has been through self-study, understanding theories and application to a unique field. I'm looking for help, support and guidance from experts who might be able to bring me closer to the desired level of education I seek. You see, I still have just an Associates Degree and am pursuing a Bachelor's in Organizational Behavior. An exciting step for a new phase in life! If I can be of any help to others perhaps bringing a unique perspective from my experience with social media, behavioral management through technology performance solutions, the emerging "empowerment era" or any other topic, I am more than happy to contribute. Best, Charee

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