Jonathan Mac



Hometown: Lynn Massachusetts
Interests: social network design, social networking software, social network software development, higher education marketing, social media in higher education, website design, emergency medicine, fire fighting, family.
Biography: I'm VP at the social network design company Pearse Street. I'm also the father of three young children, a husband, fire fighter and internet marketing guy. My wife Fuchsia owns Pearse Street Inc the website development company located in Salem Massachusetts. Pearse Street specializes in the design and development of social networking websites and social network software. Recently Pearse Street has begun exploring the niche of higher education social network design & social media marketing. We recognize the great value our social networking software & social media design experience can bring to both colleges and universities.

Pearse Street Websites:, social media marketing, Boston website design, CEO LinkedIn, CEO blog

In addition to our social network development services Pearse Street is now providing clients with custom mobile application development. To find out more about application development services visit: android application developer, iphone application developer, mobile application developer
Looking For: Networking with professionals & friendly interaction with others.

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