Giulio Bolacchi



Hometown: Cagliari - Sardinia, Italy
Interests: The use of Galilean method for the study of man and society; The language of science and the study of behavior (experimental analysis and theory); The definition of a unitary paradigm for the scientific integration of economics, psychology and sociology. A videointerview about some major issues in the science of behavior:
Biography: I am Professor of Sociology and Social Psychology, and Psychologist on the Italian rolls. My publications in English language: A New Paradigm for the Integration of the Social Sciences, in Nancy K. Innis (ed.), Reflections on Adaptive Behavior: Essays in Honor of J. E. R. Staddon, M.I.T. Press, 2008; On "social sciences" and science, Behavior & Philosophy, 32, n. 2 (2004), 465-478. Many more in Italian language. Personal page:;,%20Giulio
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