Giulio Bolacchi



Giulio Bolacchi Giulio Bolacchi Methodological analyses are basic for the development of any science, but this perspective has been rather disregarded because behaviorism, since its beginning, was focused on the experimental-analysis techniques. This has prevented the growth of a well-defined science of behavior, in which the many experimental analyses could be connected with a single theoretical formulation, as it happens within the other sciences. Experiments, although refined, are not enough to found a science, if a univocal theoretical interpretation of all them is missing. So, we observe that each scholar is inclined to autonomously interpret his experiments and, therefore, there is a multiplicity of interpretations for the same experiment (as in the case of the matching law). Also the professional activity in the behavioristic context suffers from a theoretical naivete, which makes behaviourism relevant only in the simplest cases where positive and negative reinforces can be used in an immediate and direct way.

Dec 15th 2013

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