Darrel Bostow



Hometown: Dade City (Tampa area), Fla. in winter/Pembroke, Maine in summer
Interests: Development of social contingencies (cultures) that promote survival in a livable world. Acceleration of effective instruction about the ultimate effects of personal daily habits.
Biography: Born in Minot, North Dakota 1/22/1945. Stable family of four. Moved frequently due to father's occupation. Lived in N. Dak, Montana, New York, Iowa, Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, and Maine. Earned B.A. at U. of Cincinnati (psychology) 1966, M. A., Western Michigan University (Psychology) 1968, Ph. D., Southern Illinois U., 1970. Taught in Educational Psychology Area of the College of Education, University of South Florida, from 1970-2006. Retired and living in Florida in the winters and Maine in the summers.
Looking For: Association with people who understand the consequences of world-wide excessive population, consumption of natural resources, destruction of a livable environment, and the futility of using aversive control as a method of controlling others. Searching for others who are interested in constructing their personal daily environments in ways that bring their personal behavior in line with the future predicted by science.

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