Hometown: Hamilton, NJ
Interests: Neuropsychology, organizational behavioral management, autism, aging
Biography: Clinical Administrator for two statewide crisis response and clinical follow along teams in NJ: one dedicated to community dwelling adults with I/DD an co-occurring mental illness or behavioral disorders and the other dedicated to older nursing home residents with psychogeriatric illness or dementia and behavioral disturbances. I am a licensed psychologist in NJ and PA. I am a member of the NJPA, APA, NADD, GSA, ISTAART, AADMD and will be rejoinging ABAI. I frequently present at areas workshops and at conferences on the topics of dual diagnoses (MI/DD), crisis response, dementia practices, and the neurobehavioral and neuropsychiatric sequelae of dementia. I am this year's ARC of NJ Health Professional of the Year. I was awarded that honor last June from the ARC of Somerset and have received the Health Professional of the Year award in 2007 from Autism NJ (then COSAC),
Looking For: Continuing education and mentorship to apply knowledge of ABA to organizational change in health care settings. Any Sherpas available?

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