Amanda N. Kelly - aka Behaviorbabe



Hometown: Hagerstown, MD Current city: North Andover, MA
Interests: My current interests lie in evaluating and designing a stronger systems approach in school settings (both public and private) for all students. I am also currently involved in researching Higher Education options and potential solutions for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Please visit my site devoted to the topic of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
Biography: I have been working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders since 2000 when I began providing in-home discrete trial [DTT] services. I have since worked directly in homes with over 50 families, as well as in private special needs schools, public schools, integrated centers & residential facilities employing effective teaching techniques grounded in the principles of applied behavior analysis, within and beyond the scope of DTT programs. I have worked as an Instructional Assistant, 1:1 Inclusion Facilitator, a Classroom Special Education Teacher, as a Behavior Consultant, and as a BCBA Mentor. Presently, I am serving in the role of Coordinator of ABA Services for the SEEM Collaborative. My current interests lie in evaluating & designing a stronger systems approach in school settings (both public and private) for all students (pre-K to higher ed). I received my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education at Shepherd College, my Masters of Science degree in Behavioral Education at Simmons College and currently am completing my dissertation in the PhD program in Applied Behavior Analysis, also at Simmons College. I earned my Board Certification as an Associate Behavior Analyst [BCaBA
Looking For: Networking, Publication & Dissemination Opportunities

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