Phil Chase



Hometown: Manchester, Massachusetts
Interests: Human Learning, Applied Behavior Analysis, Education, and when I can: sailing, fishing, lazying around in the late afternoon sun.
Biography: Philip N. Chase received his Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he was mentored by Beth Sulzer-Azaroff and John Donahoe, and was influenced by a host of UMASS behavior analysts. He has conducted research on the basic environmental processes that facilitate problem solving and conceptual behavior. He has designed curricula for learning mathematics and other problem-solving repertoires. He has served as an editor, associate editor, and reviewer for many journals, including a three-year stint as Editor of The Behavior Analyst. He has co-organized a number of international scientific conferences, and reviewed grants for four US federal agencies. Dr. Chase received a Fulbright Scholarship to study rule governance in Italy, a Benedum Distinguished Scholar Award from West Virginia University, and an Outstanding Mentor Award from the Association for Behavior Analysis International. He has been employed by St. Cloud State University, West Virginia University, and the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. He is currently employed as a Professor and Senior Behavioral Psychologist at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Chase lives in Manchester, Massachusetts with Karen Kenny, who is an elementary school teacher in the Gloucester Public Schools. Their daughters, Nina and Monica, live in Cambridge MA and Ferrenafe, Peru respectively. A passionate lover of seafood, he spends a great deal of his spare time cooking fish, talking about fishing practices, and discussing the ecological and environmental concerns of the fishing industry. Volunteer work on the Adventure, a historic Gloucester fishing schooner, has only made matters worse for those in earshot.
Looking For: The next stripped bass to land in my sailing, fishing, peddling, Hobie kayak.

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