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Dog Training Kit Plus - Clicker Training

by Karen Pryor
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Dog Training Kit Plus - Clicker Training

Includes new EXPANDED edition of Clicker Training for Dogs book and Clicker Magic on DVD!

Everything you need to get started! This kit includes the new expanded edition of Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs, an i-Click, a quick-reference instruction booklet on the essentials of clicker training, Click Magic DVD, and a sample of dog treats. This kit is a great way to get you started with a new puppy, an adopted dog, or an older dog that just didn't respond well to conventional choke-chain training. You'll see a difference in your dog in just a few short sessions!

This Kit includes: The New Expanded Getting Started Clicker Training for Dogs Book (approx. 100 pages), an i-Click, a set of Click-a-Trick Cards, an open out instruction booklet teaching how to use the clicker itself, Click Magic DVD, and a sample of dog treats.


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