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Actively Caring for People in Schools: How to Cultivate a Culture of Compassion

by E. Scott Geller
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Seven research-based lessons from psychology―the science of human experience―inspire the development of an actively caring for people (AC4P) culture. The education/training purpose: to enhance long-term positive and sustainable relations between teachers, students, school administrators, and SROs, and in turn cultivate an optimal teaching/learning climate and prevent interpersonal conflict and bullying behavior. 
Both education and training are provided. Each research-based principle for AC4P intervention is explained and followed by questions or scenarios to facilitate group discussion. Behavioral exercises are given to practice each principle and receive supportive and corrective feedback for continuous improvement.

About the Author: E. Scott Geller, PhD, is an Alumni Distinguished Professor in the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech. For 47 years, Professor Geller has taught and conducted research as a faculty member and Director of the Center for Applied Behavior Systems in the Department of Psychology. He has authored, edited or co-authored 36 books, 82 book chapters, 39 training programs, 259 magazine articles, and more than 300 research articles addressing the development and evaluation of behavior change interventions to improve quality of life on a large-scale. Each of the articles in this issue reflect this mission of applied behavioral science, as does his most recent 700-page book: Applied Psychology: Actively Caring for People, published this year by Cambridge University Press.

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