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The Blue Books:
Goldiamond & Thompson's
Functional Analysis of Behavior
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by Paul Thomas Andronis
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The Blue Books: Goldiamond & Thompson's Functional Analysis of Behavior CD

Edited and revised by Paul Thomas Andronis, Northern Michigan University 

eBook Features:

  • 1011 pages of fully searchable text
  • Hyperlinked glossary
  • Hyperlinked Table of Contents
  • Probe Questions Hyperlinked to the Text
  • Print any number of pages!

It was said by those who took the courses, that Israel Goldiamond's University of Chicago two-quarter sequence in Behavior Analysis & Programs was equivalent to a Ph.D. program elsewhere. While perhaps somewhat of an exaggeration, the effect of the courses was indeed profound. Those who worked with Dr. Goldiamond knew that much of the course content came from a text developed at the Institute for Behavioral Research under contract with the U.S. Surgeon General. 

This text is also available on CD Format. 

ISBN: 1-881317-16-1

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