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Learning, Fifth Edition

by A. Charles Catania
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Learning, Interim (5th) Edition
by A. Charles Catania

Emphasizing research findings and basic concepts, the Interim (5th) Edition surveys the major areas in the psychology of learning from a consistent behavioral point of view. As in previous editions, Learning explores the continuities between human learning and the learning of other animals. The book organizes the phenomena of learning in a systematic way, moving from Behavior Without Learning (evolution) to Learning Without Words (basics in nonhuman behavior and learning) to Learning With Words (human learning and memory). The 5th Edition includes etymological notes at the beginning of each chapter. These capsule word histories are important reminders of how easily our language changes. The glossary summarizes the major terminology of the field and may povide a convenient organizer for study and review.

512 pages / paper / ISBN: 978-1-59738-023-2

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