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Teenagers and Parents:
Ten Steps for a Better Relationship

by Roger W. McIntire
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Teenagers and Parents:
Ten Steps for a Better Relationship by Roger W. McIntire

Avoid the slammed doors and sulks. This sensible, practical, and readable guide for parents of teenagers offers friendly, usable advice on every page. Ten well-illustrated steps foster mutual respect and open communication in the family and offer guidelines and alternatives to punishment, influencing behavior, improving school performance, and building self-esteem and confidence. For parents feeling used and manipulated by their teens, the book lists nine parent rights that can help them protect their feelings and stop the abuse.

This third edition is completely revised to expand the representative dialogues concerning issues of punishment, growing responsibility, and the cooperation of other adults in the family. Special consideration is given to the single parent. Dr. McIntire also discusses how parents can cope with dozens of games teens play, such as I'll bet you can't make me happy, I may do something bad, and You're just not perfect. The book's last step suggests ways to organize parent support groups to help with the complex challenge of raising a teenager in the '90s.

ISBN 0-9640558-6-4 (paper) 262 p.
Published by Summit Crossroads Press

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