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College Keys: Getting In,
Doing Well,
Avoiding the 4 Big Mistakes

by Roger W. McIntire
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College Keys: Getting In, Doing Well, Avoiding the 4 Big Mistakes by Roger W. McIntire

College Keys provides an insider's tips for the whole college process - from choosing a college to the application and interview process, to making the grades and staying on 'til graduation - with practical advice and explanations for each step along the way.

This new book by Roger McIntire is a sensible and readable overview for the college-bound and their anxious parents. It provides the valuable advice we all could have used in our search for the right college as well as the guidance needed to make the right decisions and avoid the four big mistakes in habits, housing, health care and management of time and money throughout the college years.

Dr. McIntire, Professor Emeritus, was Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies during his 32 years at the University of Maryland. He directed campus-wide programs to help students succeed and annual summer workshops for anxious parents. Dr. McIntire's style has an attractive and humorous quality punctuated by anecdotes from his years on the college firing line. His chapter for parents shows an unusual sensitivity to the parents' apprehensions at sending their son or daughter off to college.

ISBN: 0-9640558-7-2 (paper)250 p.
Published by Summit Crossroads Press

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