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Origins and Components
of Behaviorology - Study Questions
2nd Edition

by Stephen F. Ledoux
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Study Questions for Origins and Components of Behaviorology - 2nd Edition
Stephen Ledoux

The book and study questions work together to achieve beneficial pedagogical aims. The book was designed to accompany either separate studies in the natural science of behavior, or integrated studies in related areas (e.g., applied science and technology of behavior, philosophy of science, applied behavior analysis, behavioral engineering). The study questions were designed to support this integration by covering topics in those areas as they arise in the book.

These study questions were designed to increase the readers benefit from reading the Origins and Components of Behaviorology book by prompting and guiding the reader's learning. The study questions focus the reader's attention on many of the particular points that surround different topics which arise in the course of each paper or chapter in the book. And they bring to the reader's attention various general themes and trends that run through particular papers or chapters if not the whole book itself.

ISBN 1-882508-09-2
(softcover) 84 p.
Published by The ABC's of Canton, NY, USA

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