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The Tough Kid Tool Box ,1994 Edition

by Ginger Rhode, H. Kenton Reavis, & William R. Jenson
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The Tough Kid Tool Box
by Ginger Rhode, H. Kenton Reavis, & William R. Jenson

If you have The Tough Kid Book, this companion piece is a must for you. The Tough Kid Tool Box provides teachers at all grade levels with straightforward, classroom-tested, ready-to-use materials for managing and motivating tough-to-teach students. These time-saving, engaging student reproducibles will enable you to implement all of the positive behavior management strategies of The Tough Kid Book without the extra effort. Includes Behavior Observation Forms, Mystery Motivator Charts,Reward Spinners, Classroom Contracts, and more. Step-by-step instructions make each reproducible immediately useful. Use this tool box to turn tough kids into great kids!

ISBN 1-57035-000-0 (1995) 214 p. (paper)
Published by Sopris West.

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