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Who Killed My Daddy?
Activities Manual

by Beth Sulzer-Azaroff
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Who Killed My Daddy? Activities Manual
by Beth Sulzer-Azaroff

Who Killed My Daddy? permits readers to perch upon the shoulders of the characters as they learn about, practice, and assess the impact of behavioral safety methods. Why an activities manual if the fable covers the basic essentials of behavioral safety? To anyone familiar with behavioral principles, the answer will be quite obvious. Are recognizing and understanding the same as being able to talk the talk and walk the walk? You wouldn't want a surgeon to operate on your brain after only digesting an informative book on the subject, would you? When used with the book Who Killed My Daddy, this manual is designed to move learners much farther along toward mastery of essential behavioral safety concepts and skills. Provocative discussion items are posed to stimulate thinking about related issues. Questions about concepts and skills should reinforce learning, while simulated and actual field exercise put the reader in the position of planning, conducting, and assessing the impact of behavioral safety systems suited to their own organizational settings.

ISBN 1-881317-11-1 (1998) 57 p.

A review, Teaching Behavior-Based Safety through Fiction: A Review of Who Killed My Daddy? A Behavioral Safety Fable, written by E. Scott Geller is published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 1999, 32, 241–243

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