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The Values-Based Safety Process

by Terry E. McSween
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The Values-Based Safety Process
by Terry E. McSween

This book provides you with the tools and step-by-step procedures to create an effective, behavioral safety process that's tailored to your company's unique operation and needs. Stocked with worksheets, checklists, and decision guidelines that expedite planning and implementation, this resource enables you to:
o Accurately assess your organization's current safety environment.
o Build management support for a values-based safety process.
o Maintain a high level of employee involvement.

Table of Contents:
Safety Basics
The Vision
A Values-Based Behavioral Safety Process
The Safety Assessment Management Overview and Initial Workshops
Final Design
Step 1: Establish Purpose and Milestone Targets
Step 2: Create the Safety Observation Process
Step 3: Develop Feedback and Involvement Procedures
Step 4: Establish Safety Incentives
Step 5: Plan Training and Kickoff Meetings
Step 6: Provide for a Variety of Ongoing Support Programs
Conduct a Management Review
Implement the Behavioral Safety Process
Maintain the Behavioral Safety Process
Some Practical Suggestions
Advanced Topics: Why it Works and Behavioral Basics
Case Studies
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ISBN 0-442-01945-9 (1995) 298 p. (hardcover)
Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold.

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