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NEW! General Behaviorology: The Natural Science of Human Behavior

by Lawrence E. Fraley
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This book comprehensively presents the principles and practices of the natural science of behaviorology including its answers to some of humankind’s essential but long–enduring questions.

In a future behaviorology department, a beginning student might buy this book, and it would serve as the main textbook for that student's next several courses. However, the most important role for this book is not as a textbook (although it is constructed to facilitate such usage). The main role for this work is to convince people that such departments should exist in the first place and to install them among the natural sciences.

With 30 chapters (about 1,600 pages), this is the first thorough and systematic science book of behaviorology. While older, papercover versions combined the science content with a full set of instructional supplements, this hardcover edition emphasizes the science content by moving most of the instructional supplements to a separate volume. This book is constructed in the form of a science textbook for study, general reading, and reference.

This book is written primarily for members of the broadly construed natural science community, and students thereof. It introduces a new basic discipline that broadens the reach of natural philosophy and science. The perspective of this book will be most appreciated by persons whose professional behavior, in general, already respects the postulates of naturalism.

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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 1596
Author: Fraley, Lawrence E.
Publisher: ABCs
Publish Date: 2008
ISBN-13: 978-1882508280
Language: English
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