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Time, Space, and Number in Physics & Psychology

by William R. Uttal
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Time, Space, and Number in Physics & Psychology

William R. Uttal

The goal of this book is to explore the question???how can physics draw presumably valid and consistent inferences from data obtained from inaccessible entities but psychology cannot? The proposed answer to this question is that physics enjoys a system of laws that work everywhere and at any time but these very same laws are regularly violated in psychological phenomena. This book explores the properties of physical and psychological time, space, and number and raises questions about the extent to which the criteria for measurement and deductive analysis are satisfied in the psychological domain. The implications for these explorations on some of the major questions of scientific psychology are considered in the conclusion.

This book deals with one of the most important topics in scientific psychology???the fragmentation of its empirical foundation and provides some understanding of why scientific psychology is in the state it is in. It is an advanced monograph directed at graduate students and serious students of the field.

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