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The Power of Positive Parenting

by Glenn I. Latham
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The Power of Positive Parenting by Glenn I. Latham

As they have in the past, parents today are still asking: How can I deal with my child's tantrums? How can I get my kids to do their chores promptly and without complaining? What can I do to help my family members live together more harmoniously?

The Power of Positive Parenting is a child-rearing manual that provides practical methods for working with children. This instructional book goes a long way in helping parents to resolve problems using specific strategies for dealing with inappropriate behavior of children. These strategies are based on an indisputable fact: Whatever a child (or anyone else) does or says has consequences which influence the way that child will behave in future similar situations. Whether parents realize it or not, they, by virtue of being parents, provide most of the consequences of a child's behavior during the child rearing years. Hence, the essential ingredient in dealing with problem behavior and creating a good home environment is the management of consequences in ways that increase desirable behavior and decrease undesirable behavior.

The practices advocated by Dr. Latham are based on solid psychological principles that originated in research done over the past 60 years.

Also available on Audio Tape. Look near the end of the CCBS Parenting Book Section for listing.

ISBN 1-56713-175-1 (paper) 397 p
Published by P & T ink
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A Study Guide for this book is also available.

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