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Welcome to Teaching Methods That Work! For over a decade there has been immense public, political, and academic concern about the quality of both general and higher education and the fact that the schools are failing to teach our children what they need to know to succeed in this society. Our response to this concern focuses on Show More

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Talking with Kids: The Early Years
Even before your child can talk to you, what, how often, and how much you say to your child can have a profound impact on their language and learning abilities later. Researchers at the University of Kansas have found that the number and quality of the words a child hears in the early years of life have a tremendous impact on the fundamental circuits in the human brain. A child's vocabulary development is closely tied to their early language experiences and to their ability to think rationally, solve problems, and reason abstractly.
Tags: language, behavior analysis, parenting
The Inclusion of Cultures and Cultures of Inclusion by Charlotte Mandell
The Inclusion of Cultures and Cultures of Inclusion Charlotte Mandell, Ph.D. Department of Psychology University of Massachusetts Lowell Lowell, MA
Tags: cultural analysis, behavior, behavior analysis of cultures, inclusion
The Value of Misbehavior
A good short article by Janet Ellis and Paul Chance that views misbehavior as having value for the child. Once you discover the value of misbehavior for the child you can teach them other behaviors that obtain the same value.
Tags: misbehavior, parenting, behavior, behavior analysis, Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
What Are You Eating?
Three-part series: What causes the terrible twos and the terrible teens? What causes bad behavior? I receive many letters from parents who know part of the answer.
Tags: parenting, health, diet
Where are the Robots?
Ever wonder about all the hype concerning behavioral procedures being mechanical, Paul Chance puts these to rest in this short, informative article.
Tags: behavior, applied behavior analysis, behavioral education, extrinsic rewards, behavioral procedures

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