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Welcome to the section on Cultural Practices. This new section of our website is dedicated to describing behavior analytic solutions to the global questions being addressed at a cultural level of analysis. A number of behavioral scientists have used the explanatory power of meta-contingencies. Others have focused on the idea thaShow More

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Hefferline Notes
A joint venture among the Center, the B.F. Skinner Foundation, and David Palmer leads to the publication of a .pdf document of the Hefferline Notes, Ralph Hefferline's notes on Skinner's lectures on verbal behavior at Columbia University in the summer of 1947. David Palmer created the searchable document and Edward Anderson funded the project.
Tags: behavior, behavior analysis, language, verbal behavior
Ideas for Wimps by Howard Lees
A sample of the book.
Tags: Behavioral Management, OBM
Verbal Behavior: William James Lectures
By agreement among the Center, the B.F. Skinner Foundation, and David Palmer, The William James Lectures are published as a .pdf document. These lectures were given by Skinner in 1948 at Harvard University as a precursor to Verbal Behavior (1957). The searchable document was created by David Palmer and funding was provided by Edward Anderson.
Tags: behavior, behavior analysis, language, verbal behavior
What Works Clearinghouse: Single-Case Design Technical Documentation
The What Works Clearing House of the Institute of Education Sciences is now accepting single-subject research as scientific evidence.

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