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Advice for Parents on Selecting
Appropriate Treatments

Welcome to the Autism Section


The Autism Section of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies web site presents a scientific view of the causes of Autism and the Applied Behavior Analysis approach to its treatment.

The Aims of This Section

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Effective Treatment Video Series: Discrimination Training
Effective Treatment Video Series: Least-to-Most Prompting
Effective Treatment Video Series: Most-to-Least Prompting
Effective Treatment Video Series: Shadowing
Effective Treatment Video Series: Choice and Preference in Teaching
Effective Treatment Video Series: Incidental Teaching
Practitioner Resources for Applied Behavior Analysts from Western Michigan University
The Autism Center of Excellence at Western Michigan University is developing a series of video interviews with national experts in applied behavior analysis, autism and behavioral pediatrics. These videos are designed for board-certified behavior analysts in practice and for applied behavior analysts students in training.
Tags: Autism videos, assessment, behavioral pediatrics, Western Michigan University

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