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Welcome to the section on special education! The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies is committed to helping those who are concerned about the current educational crisis by providing information about effective educational practices based on the scientific analysis of behavior. These practices are of particular concern for pShow More

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The Value of Misbehavior
A good short article by Janet Ellis and Paul Chance that views misbehavior as having value for the child. Once you discover the value of misbehavior for the child you can teach them other behaviors that obtain the same value.
Tags: misbehavior, parenting, behavior, behavior analysis, Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
What Are You Eating?
Three-part series: What causes the terrible twos and the terrible teens? What causes bad behavior? I receive many letters from parents who know part of the answer.
Tags: parenting, health, diet
Where are the Robots?
Ever wonder about all the hype concerning behavioral procedures being mechanical, Paul Chance puts these to rest in this short, informative article.
Tags: behavior, applied behavior analysis, behavioral education, extrinsic rewards, behavioral procedures

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