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Welcome to the Brain Injury

Welcome to the Behavioral Safety section of The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies!


Behavioral Safety is the application of behavior science to occupational safety. The goal of Behavioral Safety is to make the work environment as safe as possible.

Behavioral Safety involves a set of principles and techniques that are used to improve safety either at the level of individuals or at the level of the organization.

In this section, we will include features to provide information about assessment strategies, principles and techniques for improvement, and state of the art technologies being developed in top behaviorShow More

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How to Get More People Involved in Behavior-Based Safety: Selling an Effective Process E. Scott Geller
Behavior-based safety (BBS) is an effective approach to preventing occupational injuries, and its healthful influence on work cultures is spreading worldwide. However, BBS only reaches its remarkable potential when everyone in an industrial complex understands BBS principles and practices BBS procedures. Unfortunately, many organizations that attempt to reap the benefits of BBS do not obtain or sustain comprehensive participation in BBS-related activities. This paper offers some reasons for resistance to BBS, and introduces ten practical strategies for getting more widespread acceptance of BBS and more large-scale involvement in the implementation of BBS procedures. Several strategies for encouraging participation in BBS actually reflect basic BBS principles, such as developing process-focused goals and metrics, and making behavior-based feedback a positive experience. Other suggestions are derived from social learning theory, including the promotion of self-efficacy, response efficacy, and outcom
Tags: safety, behavioral safety, workplace safety
Labeling is Easy: Dig Deeper to Change Behavior by Timothy Ludwig, PhD,
Tags: Best-in-practice Behavioral Safety Programs, Timothy Ludwig
New Year
Dr. Timothy Ludwig shares an article from his blog,
Tags: Dr. Timothy Ludwig, Healthy, Safety & Environment Pro, HSE
Behavioral Safety Reference List
List of references on behavior-based safety compiled by Nicole Gravina in 2010.
Tags: behavioral safety, behavior based safety, workplace safety, occupational safety

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