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Welcome to Behavioral Parenting! Our objective with this section is to provide concrete help to you in the difficult job of raising kids. This introduction will help you understand how behavior analysts view this challenge. If you thought that behaviorists offer a "one-size-fits-all" solution, guess again! An appreciation of Show More

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Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Talking About Terrorism
Parenting tips relating to talking to children about terrorism.
Tags: parenting, terrorism, conversations
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: The First Day Back at School
The first day back to school is still a few days away, but some attention now will pay dividends later - especially if your child is starting a new school or is a five or six-year-old starting school for the first time.
Tags: parenting, back-to-school
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: The School Morning Rush to Send-Off
Ask your average parents to name their most difficult time of day, and if they have schoolage children, they will vote overwhelmingly for the morning rush.
Tags: parenting, morning rush
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Thumb and Finger Exercise is not Enough
This article stresses the importance of excersize to promote a healthy lifestyle for children of all ages. What do childhood depressions, suicides, and overweight problems have in common? They have all tripled in the last three decades, and they are all statistically related to lack of exercise.
Tags: parenting, health, diet
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: What's the Right Thing to Say?
Talking with kids at a family gathering can challenge your conversational skills. The usual questions so easily handled by the adults may not work. If the pace is too quick, a child or teen can be terrified of making an embarrassing flub.
Tags: parenting, conversations, language, verbal behavior
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Will Someone Save Jeffrey?
parents and grandparents need to know the different signs of choking and what needs to be done to help at different stages of the problem. Life-saving procedures for infants and children are not the same as the usual methods for adults. And procedures also vary for accident victims where the person could have other injuries.
Tags: parenting, safety, choking
Rewards, Punishments, or Threats?
This article discusses the positive results of focusing on rewarding good behavior rather than punishing bad behavior. we may encourage good behavior now and then, but bad behavior usually gets most of the attention
Tags: parenting, reinforcement, punishment
Safety for Older Kids
Once kids know the routines for the telephone, fire emergencies, strangers and traffic, new risks come along.
Tags: parenting, safety
Talking with Kids: The Early Years
Even before your child can talk to you, what, how often, and how much you say to your child can have a profound impact on their language and learning abilities later. Researchers at the University of Kansas have found that the number and quality of the words a child hears in the early years of life have a tremendous impact on the fundamental circuits in the human brain. A child's vocabulary development is closely tied to their early language experiences and to their ability to think rationally, solve problems, and reason abstractly.
Tags: language, behavior analysis, parenting
Teenage Drinking
Parenting tips and information on teenage drinking
Tags: parenting, teenage drinking

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