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Welcome to Behavioral Parenting! Our objective with this section is to provide concrete help to you in the difficult job of raising kids. This introduction will help you understand how behavior analysts view this challenge. If you thought that behaviorists offer a "one-size-fits-all" solution, guess again! An appreciation of Show More

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Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: All You Can Eat
Editors Note: Second in a series about family routines and childrens health. On the whole, American Moms watch the diet of their babies carefully. But once the children have a say, the diet deteriorates because there are many conspiracies to lure your children away from the right food choices.
Tags: parenting, health, diet
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Don't Miss Graduation
This article discusses the importance of attending a child's graduation. Whether you are the parent or just one of the extended family, you should go. Not so that years later they will remember you attended, as you remember who attended yours, but to provide the encouragement a child needs for the next step.
Tags: parenting, graduation, schools
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Drug Abuse: Who's the Model Here?
Parents may see a clear distinction between medications and illegal drugs but a child/teen may not. The distinction becomes even less visible if medications are abused at home.
Tags: parenting, drugs
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Early Bites of Parent Abuse
Child abuse often starts with a history of expecting too much from a child. Parent abuse usually begins with expecting too little. Some parents, committed to doing anything to help their child, will bear any burden. But overindulging is not loving; it just teaches abuse.
Tags: parenting, abuse
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Family Discussion Tactics
First in a series of three on family conversation habits: Winners and Losers.
Tags: parenting, conversations, verbal behavior
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Fits, Tantrums and Holidays
Tantrums seem to come more often during the holidays. Parents with young children usually suspect that changes in sleeping or meal schedules as well as crowds of company are the culprits that set the stage for trouble.
Tags: parenting, tantrums
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Give a Nice Day
Correcting rather than punishing bad behavior. Physical punishments or even the less severe ones such as being sent to your room, can be subtle but they provide little information to the child. The punishment says what was wrong but nothing about what is right.
Tags: parenting, punishment
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Like - Don't Just Love - Your Kids
Parents send a lot of messages about liking. Every time the kids do anything, the parents react negatively or with support or indifference. What a parent likes and doesn't like about what's going on is constantly expressed. What should a parent look for in a child's or a teen's choices of action? We parents know the bad behaviors well but we are less specific about the good.
Tags: parenting, negative reactions
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Sometimes You Drive Me Nuts
Habits of children, Why they develop and how to deal wiht them. Most parents remember when a childs annoying tapping or other repetitive habit began. At first it wasn't particularly bothersome, but if it attracted attention, it could grow to drive Mom and Dad crazy.
Tags: parenting, habits
Raising Good Kids in Tough Times: Staying Rested, Staying Healthy
This is the first in a series of three on the influence of family routines on child health.
Tags: parenting, health, diet

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