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Coercion and Its Fallout
Study Guide

by James Kopp
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Coercion and Its Fallout, Study Guide by James Kopp

Over the years, I have been writing my own questions for more and more of the material I use in my classes. . . .
The students I have sent on to study under other behavior analysts have always been said to 'know their stuff.' But my strongest reinforcement comes from knowing that I have minimized coercion and maximized reinforcement for the construction of correctly formed bits of verbal behavior analysis among considerable numbers of the future shapers in our community. . . .
It helps when a book come along that is well-written and attractive both for its scientific merit and its humanity. It is even better when that book is designed to be used to give reasoned perspective to a side of behavior analysis that is not always taken up as much as it should be. Such a book is Coercion and Its Fallout.

ISBN 1-888830-00-X (paper) 114 p.

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