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Welcome to Cambridge Center's section dedicated to verbal behavior. Behavioral science views language as verbal behavior (e.g., speaking, writing, signing) that comes about by interacting with others, called the verbal community. From this view, verbal behavior, in all of its complexity, can be studied and understood Show More

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Hefferline Notes
A joint venture among the Center, the B.F. Skinner Foundation, and David Palmer leads to the publication of a .pdf document of the Hefferline Notes, Ralph Hefferline's notes on Skinner's lectures on verbal behavior at Columbia University in the summer of 1947. David Palmer created the searchable document and Edward Anderson funded the project.
Tags: behavior, behavior analysis, language, verbal behavior
Verbal Behavior: William James Lectures
By agreement among the Center, the B.F. Skinner Foundation, and David Palmer, The William James Lectures are published as a .pdf document. These lectures were given by Skinner in 1948 at Harvard University as a precursor to Verbal Behavior (1957). The searchable document was created by David Palmer and funding was provided by Edward Anderson.
Tags: behavior, behavior analysis, language, verbal behavior
Verbal Behavior - Recommended Audio Links
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Verbal Behavior - Recommended Video Links
Links to online videos concentrated on Verbal Behavior.
Verbal Behavior - YouTube Videos
Verbal Behavior Project
The Long Good-Bye: Why B. F. Skinner’s Verbal Behavior Is Alive and Well on the 50th Anniversary of Its Publication
The year 2007 marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of B. F. Skinner's Verbal Behavior, a book that by Skinner's own account was his most important. The received view, however, is that a devastating review by a young linguist not only rendered Skinner's interpretation of language moot but was also a major factor in ending the hegemony of behaviorism in psychology and paving the way for a cognitive revolution. Nevertheless, in taking stock of Verbal Behavior and behaviorism, both appear to be thriving. This article suggests that Verbal Behavior and behaviorism remain vital partly because they have generated successful practical applications.
Tags: Verbal Behavior, B.F. Skinner, Schlinger

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