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Economics, like behavioral psychology, is a science of behavior. The value of economic concepts for behavioral psychology rests on their empirical validity when tested in the laboratory with individual subjects and their uniqueness when compared to established behavioral concepts. "Behavioral EShow More

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PDF CCBS Online Brochure
A downloadable PDF describing our organization, mission, programs and the people who volunteer their time and effort, our Board of Directors, Trustees and Advisors.

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PDF Behavioral Contingency Analysis by Francis Mechner, Ph.D.
Behavior is a complex subject matter involving multiple functions that change over time, and as a result its own symbolic language is helpful for describing change. Francis Mechner's Behavioral Contingency Analysis provides this language. It describes all kinds of situations, from teaching to theory of mind to deception. And it does so in the best of behavioral/selectionist traditions, by analyzing complexity in terms of simple components.
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